New Infinite Rank Reward Announced in Marvel Snap

Is it worth the grind?

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A lot of Marvel Snap players are dissatisfied with the lack of rewards that they can earn after reaching the Infinite ranked in the ranked mode of the game (luckily, Battle Mode with friends is confirmed to come out in a matter of weeks).
Luckily, Marvel Snap developers (Second Dinner) have heard the feedback and have designed something that a small percentage of players will be able to attain, and the fight will probably be worth it.

What Do You Get When You Reach Infinite Rank in Marvel Snap?

For the Savage Land Season (and hopefully, in the next seasons as well) every player who has reached Infinite will get a Golden card back with Zabu’s claw mark in their inbox, similar to the Season Pass one. Check out the Tweet Below:

Official Tweet by Marvel Snap

Help! I do not see my Marvel Snap Reward in my Inbox!

Worry not, Prima Games will help you troubleshoot this immediately. Second Dinner Studio is now using a (by the community, apparently) questionable method of delivering ads and in-game rewards. If you are on Steam, when you open your Inbox, News, and the rest, you will just see eerie emptiness. The same goes for the mobile version of the game if you are using Software, Private DNS, or a Router that is set to block out ads, you will also encounter the same issue.

This means that you must temporarily disable these tools that block ads on your phone in order to use the rewards system in Marvel Snap. In most cases, you won’t need to reset the app, just try tapping on Inbox/News to refresh it.
So, if you are a Steam-only player, link your account on your phone (or on a BlueStacks emulator) and claim your stuff!
Info about linking your Google Account to Marvel Snap can be found in the below article:

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