New D&D Character Class ‘Artificer’ Announced with Eberron

There's a new sheriff in town for 5e thanks to Eberron. Everyone say hi to the new DnD character class - the Artificer.

While we’ve heard a lot about the Unearthed Arcana playtest content recently for Dungeons & Dragons, here’s something else to get excited over: Wizards of the Coast will be bumping Eberron: Rising from the Last War very shortly alongside a new D&D character class called the Artificer. Here’s what we know about it so far. 

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New D&D Character Class ‘Artificer’ Announced with Eberron

The Artificer definitely isn’t a concept unique to D&D, but we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t frothing for it all the same. When we think about the Artificer class, we’re thinking a hodge podge of traps, innate magical ability, and a knack for turning the inane into the deadly via tinkering. Luckily for us, this latest addition to the class roster (a first in literal years) fulfils most of the above criteria. 

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Unearthed Arcana playtest material that we mentioned, you’re likely already familiar with what Artificer is going to bring to the table. Uniquely positioned because of the way that Eberron treats magic and magic users (think magitek-lite), it’s a truly one-of-a-kind playstyle. Want a look at the basis for this new class? We’ve got the playtest material here for you to browse

The long and short of playing Artificer is that you’ll be able to make magical objects. Your abilities don’t necessarily lie in casting destructive spells but in using the every day in conjunction with magic to make your party members stronger or to give yourself something magical to use against a foe. You infuse regular objects with magic, and all you really need is a set of basic tools to get the ball rolling. Channeling your power through mundane conduits is an interesting way to play a class that we’re sure will add a whole heap of flavor, and the Eberron content will go a long way towards giving wannabe Artificers backstory to work with. I mean, if being able to attune to 6 magical items isn’t enough of a draw to try the new class, then what else is gonna pull in min-maxers?

We’re pretty stoked to get our hands on this new D&D character class, not only because the world of Eberron sounds absolutely fascinating and any excuse to pick it apart with a class that’s native to the lore would be valuable. Curious about anything else to do with Dungeons and Dragons’ latest developments? Check out the following:

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