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NES Remix Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo’s NES Remix for Wii U is one of the best, most addictive video games of 2013. Released at the end of the year (a surprise, no less), this wonderful homage to 8-bit gaming challenges players to complete relatively short mini-games inspired by several of the publisher’s greatest titles, including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and the Legend of Zelda, along with lesser-known efforts such as Pinball, Balloon Fight and Clu Clu Land.  Players measure success via the number of Gold Stars and Stamps earned, the latter of which they can attach to Miiverse posts.

We could ramble on about all the reasons why we love this compilation (virtually no loading to speak of is a key selling point), but for now, here are some general tips to help you crush the game, particularly later stages that will drive you crazy. 

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Watch the Gameplay Demos 

Each game in NES Remix comes with a video that walks you through the basics, controls in particular.  Most of it is common sense if you grew up playing NES titles. We all know how Super Mario Bros. works, right? Then there’s Clu Clu Land. What the heck’s going on in that game?

Bottom line, the video is merely a guide. When in doubt, watch and learn.

Pay Attention to Challenges

It’s easy to lose track of each mini-game’s objective, whether that involves rescuing Pauline in Donkey Kong or scoring a hole-in-one in NES Golf.  The objective briefly appears at the start and then stays on top of the screen. You’d be surprised how long it took us to realize this, largely because we focused all of our attention to the on-screen action contained within that 4:3 block and not the surrounding area.  We’re silly like that. 

It’s OK to Fail 

Seriously, it’s OK to fail; you’ll even earn a few Bits for your trouble.  These are some of the toughest NES games from the 80s, and Nintendo makes these titles even harder by asking you to tackle especially tricky objectives in the shortest times possible. That said, you’re free to restart as many times as you’d like, and messing up will help you fix mistakes. Take all the time you need, then go back with the intent to crush the previous score/time. 

As the old saying goes, patience is indeed a virtue.

What does Bit x2 mean?

If you see this for a particular game, you’ll earn twice as many Bits for completing its challenges.

Keep an Eye on Hearts and/or Time 

The majority of mini-games give you three hearts, but not all. Always make sure you know how many are left. Same goes for seconds on the clock. 

How do I Earn Stars and Bits? 

You’ll earn up to three gold stars per mini-game depending on how quick you complete them. Bits, on the other hand, are awarded the first time you clear a mini-game or when you fulfill certain conditions; you won’t earn nearly as much on subsequent replays. The more Bits you earn, the more Stamps you’ll unlock. 

Press Y or touch the Stamp icon on the Wii U GamePad to view your collection. 

Don’t Continue 

In our experience, it’s always a better idea to restart a multi-tiered challenge (meaning you must complete a variety of objectives, one after the other) from the beginning instead of continuing from the place where you failed. You will in fact receive a Star penalty for doing the latter.

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