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Mortal Kombat 11: How to Earn Easy Fatality Tokens

by John Cooper

Mortal Kombat 11 kontinues the proud MK tradition of *khecks notes* just so much blood, so much. These peak with the klassic fatalities that the kharacters… nope, not doing it. These peak with the classic fatalities that the characters perform to truly end both the fight and the life of your opponent. Well, unless it is in the story mode, in which case they will probably get back up again. 

The inputs for these bombastic attacks can be kind of complex and intimidating if you aren’t familiar with fighting games. You’ll eventually learn to contort your fingers in order to pull them off, but the initial wall can feel insurmountable. 

In order to make these easier, you can use Easy Fatality Tokens. These take the inputs from multiple button presses and turn them into far simpler button combinations that will make them much more approachable. This is a useful feature if you still want to look cool but can’t manage the sequences correctly. You will, however, still need to learn the correct positioning in order to pull off the special attacks. 

The bad news is this: you have to buy these tokens using Time Krystals. These are the premium currency of Mortal Kombat 11 which means the main way to obtain them involves spending your own hard-earned cash on them. 

The good news is that you can earn them in game, though it will take a fair amount of your real work Time Crystals to do so. You will need to grind out activities and challenges in either the Towers of Time or try and get lucky in the Krypt. It will be a slog though as the game wants you to spend your money on it. Sorry, more of your money on it. 

You can then get 5 tokens for 100 Krytstals, 40 for 500, or 100 for 1,000. The rate gets better as you go up, but getting that many Time Krystals is going to take a long time or around 10 dollars. We recommend you just learn the combos if possible.