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Mordhau: Cheats and Console Commands

by John Cooper

Mordhau is an intense multiplayer action game in which you one team tries to outdo the other by laying their army to waste. It’s hard, unforgiving, and a whole lot of fun. The visceral combat is intensely rewarding once you can get the timings down and find your strategies, but even in the most hardcore games, it’s nice to know what the cheats are. 

Mordahu Cheats and Console Commands

The list of console commands in Mordhau is a nice one as many of them allow you to adjust the game you’re in. Just don’t abuse the power. 

  • adminlogin <password> – Use this to access the console commands
  • adminlist  Gives a list of every admin in the game
  • adminadd <STEAMID> – You can use this to add a new admin
  • removeadmin <STEAMID>  You can use this to remove an admin
  • changelevel <map name> – Let’s you change the map
  • restartlevel  Restarts the game level you are on
  • addbots <INTEGER>  Lets you add more bots
  • removebots <INTEGER>  Lets you remove bots
  • kick <USER NAME / STEAMID> – Lets you kick other players
  • ban <USER NAME / STEAMID) – Lets you ban other players
  • unban <USER NAME / STEAMID) – Lets you unban other players
  • banlist – A list of all the players you have banned
  • exit – This will take you out of the game completely 
  • disconnect – This allows you to disconnect from the server
  • demorec name – You can use this to record a demo
  • demostop – Use this one once you are done with your recording
  • demoplay – You can use this one to see the demo
  • Stat FPS – Allows you to see the FPS
  • slomo <VALUE> – changes the speed of the game. For example, .8 would make it 80% while if you used 3 it would triple the speed.
  • playersonly – A single-player command that freezes all of the bots in the level
  • changesize x  A single-player only command that allows you to change the size of your character
  • m.showcrosshair 0 – This turns off the crosshair
  • m.inverseattackdirection 1 – This inverts the attack direction

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