Monster Hunter: World Sizzling Spice Fest Armor Guide

Breaking down the event armor sets.

Since last week, the Monster Hunter player base has been celebrating the season with the Sizzling Spice Fest summertime event. It requires the Iceborne expansion of course, but if you’re keeping up with Monster Hunter: World you can log in until late August and play new Event Quests. And the rewards you get from those contribute to a whole bunch of special, craftable event goodies. Beyond the goodies, as you amass a collection of Sizzling Spice Tickets from playing quests, you can unlock a few armor sets distinct to the event.

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Sizzling Spice Fest Armor Guide

There are three armor sets you can unlock through collecting tickets during the Sizzling Spice Fest event. That’s one set for hunters (two if you count the Layered version), and two Palico sets. Hunters get the Passionate Alpha + set, which aids players in gathering materials and perhaps more importantly, Sizzling Spice Tickets. For your Palico you can get the Aloha Set Alpha + and the painfully adorable Pukei Set Alpha + sets. 

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Passionate Alpha +

To craft the full Passionate set, you’ll need 75000z, five Sizzling Spice Tickets, five Monster Solidbones, and three Large Kulu-Ya-Ku Plumes. With the full set, you get the following skills: 

  • Sizzling Blessing
  • Marathon Runner x3
  • Master Gatherer x1
  • Carving Pro x1
  • Survival Expert x3
  • Botanist x4
  • Geologist x3

You can make a Layered version of the set, which requires five VIP Sizzling Spice Tickets. This allows you to adopt the look of the Passionate armor, without having to take its subpar stats. Seriously, combat in Passionate armor is not a good idea.

Aloha Set Alpha +

This Palico armor set requires 1900 Research Points, three Sizzling Spice Tickets, three Summer Twilight Tickets (from the previous summer event, obtainable during this event), and three Spiritvein Crystals. This set is a variant on an older set, giving the palico a festive button-down shirt and a kitty-shaped ukelele. Here are the stats:

  • Defense – 228
  • Vs Fire – 2
  • Vs Water – 8
  • Vs Thunder – 2
  • Vs Ice – 2
  • Vs Dragon – 2

Pukei Set Alpha +

This set is lowkey the best unlockable of the event. There are already Pukei-themed armor sets, but this one is adorably goofy. Therefore, it’s great. To craft this one, you’ll need three Sizzling Spice Tickets, 1 Large Pukei-Pukei Sac, one Pukei-Pukei Shard, and one Pukei-Pukei Cortex. This set’s stats are the same as the Aloha stats.

Are you enjoying the Sizzling Spice Fest? Have you hammered through all the content already, or are you using any of the armor sets? Let us know how your summer in Monster Hunter: World is going so far over at Facebook and Twitter.


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