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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Zinogre Guide – How to Defeat Zinogre

by Ginny Woo

With no shortage of fearsome enemies in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne to contend with, the stakes have really been raised by Capcom in this latest expansion. With the likes of the Nargacuga returning as well as a whole roster of Elder Dragons just ready to give you an ass kicking, it ain’t easy being a hunter out here in Hoarfrost Reach. Let our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Zinogre guide do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to tackling this particular beast.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Zinogre Guide – How to Defeat Zinogre

If you thought that the Tobi Kadachi was a pain, then you’re in for a real reckoning when it comes to facing down the Zinogre. This particular wyvern is incredibly sparky, and we’re not talking in a cute, light up the night sort of way. Zinogre is practically 70% lightning, whether its their fur or the jagged bits of bone plating peppered all over its body. It has the ability to also become supercharged, which means that items such as Shock Traps will cease to work on it.

Zsinogre is only encountered in the Guiding Lands, so you’re going to have to be a fair way through Iceborne already to even get a sniff of it. We would recommend getting good at your flinch technique; plenty of monsters in Iceborne can give you valuable openings to attack then if you can make them flinch, and this will be particularly valuable with Zinogre since making it flinch can make it drop its supercharged status.

Here are our tips and tricks for taking down Zinogre:

  • Make sure you’re keeping its elemental weaknesses in mind – we would bring Ice and Water to this fight
  • It’s almost impossible to paralyze, so don’t waste time with that
  • Having the Thunderproof Mantle could be a lifesaver when its supercharged
  • Watch out for its increased attack range when supercharged
  • If you do have to tackle it when it’s wreathed in lightning, hit its soft spots for more damage
  • Make it flinch to knock it out of supercharged mode for an easier go

Now that you’ve got our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Zinogre guide to hand, taking down this bad boy shouldn’t take a whole lot more than our helpful tips and a whole lot of grit. Make sure that you’re packing an Ice weapon and making good use of your flinch technique in order to sustain the least amount of damage. The range and attack buffs it gets from being supercharged are no joke. Trying to do a lap of all the monsters in the game? You might find our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Acidic Glavenus guide helpful.

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