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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trophies Guide

Wanting to Platinum this game? Our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trophies guide will help you out.
This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Been making your way through Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? Fancy yourself someone who loves to Platinum every game that they’ve got? Well, don’t fret. If you’ve soared past the Nargacuga and taken on all the other fearsome beasts in the expansion, then you’ve likely got your eyes on the real prize: all the achievements. Let our Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trophies guide help you tick off every single 

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Trophies Guide

One thing to note before you crack into Monster Hunter World Iceborne is that you’re going to have to have finished the base game’s story. Some of the trophies in this list will also involve you getting over the seemingly insurmountable hump that is the narrative of the Iceborne expansion, and also ensuring that you’ve gotten into the Guiding Lands content.

Obviously, there will be spoilers for the monsters that are going to appear, so turn back now if this is a problem for you. Veterans of the series will recognize a bunch of trophies to do with endemic life, and also achievements to do with the Lynians that were introduced in the base game. If you’re having trouble netting any of the critters for trophies, we would recommend acquiring the Feline Zoomaster food buff that increases your encounter rate with rare endemic life. Now, let’s get stuck into our Monster Hunter World Iceborne trophies list.

  • Conquerer of the Hinterlands — Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Platinum trophy
  • The Beginning of a New Expedition — Become eligible to accept 1-star Master rank assignments
  • Time to Get Serious — Become eligible to accept 2-star Master rank assignments
  • The Elusive Elder Dragon — Become eligible to accept 3-star Master rank assignments
  • Indomitable Spirit — Become eligible to accept 4-star Master rank assignments
  • The Old Everwyrm — Become eligible to accept 5-star Master rank assignments
  • An End and a Beginning — Finish the story mission “Paean of Guidance”
  • To the Land of Discoveries — Travel to the Guiding Lands
  • Evolving Ecology — Improve a Guiding Lands region to level 7 by killing monsters or exploring a region
  • In Search of Rare Materials — Find materials at rare spawn points and bonepiles
  • Insatiable Investigator — Find 50 special tracks
  • Fate’s Conclusion — Kill Ruiner Nergigante in the Guiding Lands
  • Master Explorer — Set up all available camps in Hoarfrost Reach
  • Source of Relaxation — Go into a hot spring
  • Clutch Claw Neophyte — Complete the Clutch Claw tutorial
  • Golden Gleam — Catch a Goldspring Macaque with a net by one of the hot springs in Hoarfrost Reach
  • Friendly Pointer — Catch an Arrowhead Gecko in the Wildspire Waste by some fruit trees
  • Sweet Melody — Catch a Blue Diva bird in Wildspire Waste that sings in or around Area 5
  • Submerged Mystery — Catch a Sealord’s Crestfish by fishing in Hoarfrost Reach at night
  • Celestial Illusion — Catch a Wintermoon Nettle jellyfish at Hoarfrost Reach (don’t let the type of animal fool you, you’ll find it in the air in or around Area 14
  • Deft Digger — Catch a Moly, which is a mole that you can find in the Wildspire Waste area of the Guiding Lands
  • Creatures of the Earth — Catch an endemic animal in all 4 Guiding Lands areas: the Ancient Forest, the Wildspire Waste, the Rotten Vale, and the Coral Highlands
  • Unwavering Defense — Get 5 pieces of Rank 12 armor
  • Devastating Offense — Craft 5 weapons that are Rank 12
  • Personal Treasure — Equip a pendant. The easiest way to get this is to equip the one that Iceborne gives you after you’ve finished the 6-star story quest “Paean of Guidance”
  • First Ride — Mount a creature
  • Experienced Rider — Speak to your Palico at camp and you’ll be able to summon a rideable creature at will. Rinse and repeat for this achievement.
  • Fledging Collector — Find your first treasure
  • Veteran Collector — Find all the treasure in a location
  • Ultimate Collector — Find all the treasure in the game, which you can only do by using the Pawswap feature in all 6 main regions of Monster Hunter World Iceborne
  • Remodeler — Change your room’s interior
  • Interior Decorator — Collect 50 types of room decor
  • Architectural Artist — Collect 120 types of room decor
  • Eager Engineer — Assist with the Steamworks 20 times
  • Skilled Steamworker — Put the Steamworks into overdrive
  • Another Miniature Crown — Catch endemic life in master rank
  • Another Giant Crown — Get your first gold crown for catching endemic life in master rank
  • Fledging Observer — Finish a request for the Lynian Researcher
  • Outstanding Observer — Finish a ton of requests for the Lynian Researcher
  • Helpful Hunter — Help out a low rank or high rank hunter on 10 quests as a master rank hunter
  • Master of Masters — Hit master rank 200
  • Monster Master — Max out the research level for all the large monsters i.e. the old monsters
  • True Miniature Crown Collector — Get a miniature crown for every monster in your hunting log (i.e. hunt a monster that’s heaps smaller than common occurrence)
  • True Large Crown Collector — Get a gold crown for every monster in your hunting log (i.e. hunt monsters that are heaps bigger than common occurrence)
  • The True Hunt Begins — Kill your first large monster in a master rank quest
  • Hunter Prodigy — Kil 100 large monsters in master rank quests
  • Master Capturer — Capture 50 large monsters in master rank quests
  • Master Slayer — Kill 50 elder dragons in master rank quests
  • Confronting the Unknown — Kill your first variant monster which will be the Shrieking Legiana
  • Seen It All — Kill 30 variant monsters 

Now that you’ve got our Monster Hunter World Iceborne trophies list in front of you, it should be an easy matter of ticking the achievements off your own personal quota as you progress through the game. If you’re having some trouble with the monsters and you’ve run into a bit of a roadblock, maybe our guide to taking down the Glavenus will be helpful.


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