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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne First Anniversary Event Schedule

by Lucas White

Nearly one year ago, Capcom released a major expansion to Monster Hunter World, easily the company’s biggest success, well, ever. Iceborne was released on September 6, 2019, and to celebrate this first anniversary milestone Capcom is giving players a chance to revisit the past year’s seasonal events. Once the Sizzling Spice Fest cools off, Capcom will be spending the rest of August, and through September, celebrating all the seasonal fun Iceborne has offered in the past.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Anniversary Event Schedule

The current seasonal event in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the Sizzling Spice Fest, a summer event that still has a few hours left as of this writing. We’ll certainly see the items from this event return sometime in the future, but for now we’ll be saying goodbye to the heat and welcoming the return of some more winter and spring-oriented festivals. You’ll be able to relax for now, but the anniversary event kicks off starting August 21.

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Each returning event will be truncated a bit compared to the usual seasonal event length, but that’s kind of the point here. Regular players hoping for something new will have to wait a bit, but if you missed anything during the year’s past events, now’s the time to get some catching up taken care of. The party starts off with the Holiday Joy Fest, followed by the Grand Appreciation Fest, and after that things will wrap up with the Full Bloom Fest. The Iceborne anniversary event will then come to a close on September 30. For the full schedule, we have the dates here, posted below:

  • Holiday Joy Fest – August 21 – September 3
  • Grand Appreciation Fest – September 4 – September 17
  • Full Bloom Fest – September 18 – September 30

If the anniversary event repeats play by the same rules as the normal seasonal events, there are some other low key bonuses players can look forward to. Usually the team at Capcom turns most of the other limited-time event quests on all at once, so it could be a great chance to get other rare items you may have missed besides the seasonal loot. Capcom generally also gives opportunities to collect seasonal event items from the previous year, so if you started with Iceborne you might have chances to catch up with some pre-expansion content as well.

Monster Hunter as a series has had a wild ride since the latest game came out, going to heights Capcom likely never expected. And the past year of Iceborne has seen plenty of exciting content rolled out for the loyal fanbase. Are you excited for this gauntlet of reprised seasonal events? Are you not? Maybe you’re just glad to see Capcom continuing to support this game. Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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