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Monster Hunter: World – How to Play with Friends

by Josh Hawkins

Monster Hunter: World has a ton of different quests and expeditions to offer players, and if you want to take on the biggest and baddest beasts out there, you’re going to need a group and play with friends to do it. To help you take on these bigger, badder monsters we’ve put together this handy article which will go over everything you need to know to join up and play with friends in Monster Hunter: World. While some people will go at it alone, using co-op to play with friends in Monster Hunter: World is really where the game shines in a lot of ways.

How to Play with Friends

There are several different ways that you can play with friends in Monster Hunter: World, but you won’t actually be able to set up any online games until you reach Astera and complete the very first hunt that the Commission sends you on. Once you’ve completed that hunt, though, getting your friends in is as easy as going to your Handler and setting up a hunt or expedition.

When talking to your Handler and setting up a hunt you can choose whether you want to allow other players into your hunt or not. This is the quickest way to get friends into your match, and you can also set it up so that you can have a passcode on the matchmaking.

However, if you really want to get your friends together, then an online session is the way to go. You can start one of these by talking to your Handler and choosing the Online Session option. Once you do this, you’ll have several options to choose from. You can have it as a private match, or a public one—whichever preference you prefer.

If you just want your friends to join, then setup a private match, and then wait for it to load. Once it loads, open up the Menu by pressing the Options button. From here scroll over to the chat bubble option, which is called Communication. Here you should see several options like Gestures, Shoutouts, Stickers, Chat, Player List, and then Invite Friend.

Choose Invite Friend and find the friends that you want to invite to the session. This will cause them to spawn in Astera, so that you can explore the main hub and decide which hunts you want to take on. We suggest setting up online sessions with your friends in this method, as it will allow you to more fully experience all that Monster Hunter: World has to offer together.

That’s all you need to know to play multiplayer in Monster Hunter: World. Remember to get with your friends beforehand and get them the Quest ID if you want to have the easiest time setting up a match. You can also check out our guide on how to fast travel in Monster Hunter: World, as well as our Monster Hunter: World tips for more info about the game. You can also check out our Monster Hunter: World preview to hear our thoughts on the game and find out why we’re excited for the latest installment in the Monster Hunter series. For more help, head back over to our Monster Hunter: World guide.


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