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Monster Hunter: World – How to Find Monster Weaknesses

by Josh Hawkins

Tracking and taking down monsters is your main goal in Monster Hunter: World, and while you can just slice away at them until they go down, knowing how to find a monster’s weakness is going to be key to be the strongest hunter you can be. In this article we’ll cover how to find monster weaknesses in Monster Hunter: World. We’ll even go over several things that every hunter should know as they head out onto Expeditions and take on the biggest beasts of the New World.

How to Find Monster’s Weaknesses

Each time that you encounter a new monster in Monster Hunter: World, you’ll acquire several notes about the beast in your Hunter’s Notes, under the Monster Field Guide. This is your go-to for information on the different monsters in Monster Hunter: World, and any good hunter will want to pay attention to.

To easily access your Hunter’s Notes, press the Options button on the PlayStation 4 controller (or just bring up the menu on the Xbox One) and then scroll over to the INFO tab. Here you’ll find the very first option is listed as Hunter’s Notes.

Select this option and you’ll open up your notebook. Here you can see the Map, the Monster Field Guide, and your Weapon Controls.

You can open up the Monster Field Guide to look at all the information that you’ve gathered about the different monsters you’ve encountered in Monster Hunter: World. Find the monster that you want to know about, and then highlight it to see its Known Habitats, Useful Information, how many you have hunted and captured, and the Smallest and Largest sizes that you’ve taken down.

There’s quite a bit of information available about the monsters that you come across. If you look at the image we’ve included here in the article you’ll see our currently entry for the Anjanath. At the time of this screenshot we hadn’t taken one down just yet, however you can see that any known habitats we’d found it in would be included in the right-hand side of the notebook, and then below that you can see the Useful Information that will showcase what this monster’s weakness is.

As you can see, the Anjanath’s weakest point is its throat. This means you’ll want to focus your attacks on this part of the monster, as that will cause it to go down the quickest. You’ll also gain information like this on other monsters that you encounter, and you’ll want to pay careful attention to this section when going out on monster hunters.

Now, this information can get more in-depth as you go. As you fight, take down, and capture monsters more and more, your Research Level will go up, giving you more information on each monster that you come across. Eventually this information will expand and you’ll be able to see an actual breakdown of each of the monster’s weak points, which parts you can break, and even which elements and more they are breakable by.

Now that you know a bit more about how to find monster weaknesses, be sure to head back over to our Monster Hunter: World guide for more helpful information like this. You can also check out our Hammer guide for more in-depth info on how the Hammer works.

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