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Monster Hunter: World – Hammer Guide

by Josh Hawkins

Hammers are just one of the 14 weapon types that players have available to them in Monster Hunter: World, and if you plan to use one of these hulking weapons, then you should be aware of a few things going into battle. Below we’ve outline everything you need to know about Hammers in Monster Hunter: World, so take a look to learn how to use the Hammer, what its strengths are, and how you can make the most of slow attack speeds using the Hammer.

Monster Hunter: World Hammer Info

The Hammer is one of the slowest attacking weapons in Monster Hunter: World, but that doesn’t mean it should be written off. While it can be slow, it is also one of the best for dealing large amounts of Blunt Damage to your enemies, and when paired up with someone that knows how to use it, the Hammer can be a force to be reckoned with.

Unlike other two-handed weapons that attack slowly—like the Great Sword—the Hammer allows the player to move while performing Charge Attacks, giving you a bit more mobility in combat. One of the best things about the Hammer, too, is the ability to stun enemies, which can make the difference in long battles, giving you that extra edge that you need to take down the beast before it retreats. You’re also able to ‘feel’ the damage that you inflict with the Hammer, and every attack that lands feels meaty compared to the attacks of other weapons.

The Hammer is easy to get used to, though the slower attack speed may be difficult for some to grow accustomed to. Mobility with this weapon is solid, though you won’t be able to move as quickly as you would with other weapons like the Dual Blades. The biggest con with the Hammer is its low Sharpness level, which means you’ll be making use of your handy whetstone more often than other hunters will.

Hammer Combos

Chaining together combos with the Hammer is very easy, and the combos that it offers are by far some of the easiest to remember and get a grasp on. The most basic combo is just three taps of the Triangle button on your controller. This will cause the hunter to attack with two overhead smashes followed by adevastating upswing. We’ve outlined the combos below, as well as their respective button combinations, though you will need to substitute for Xbox One controls if playing on that console.

You can then make use of R2, Triangle, Triangle to unleash the Tier 1 Charge Attack. Finally, press R2 Triangle, Triangle with a Tier 2 Charge to unleash and even more powerful attack on your enemies. You can also make use of some variations for these attacks by pressing Triangle and charging forward. We’d suggest playing around in the Ancient Forest to get used to the Hammer. While slow, its combos are devastating and powerful, and will put an end to most monsters that you face with relative ease.

On top of the basic attacks, players can also press O on the controller to unleash an overhead smash that if connected can be strung together with another press of the O button up to a total of five swings. The trick here, though, is that you cannot miss any of the swings of the combo will end. When chained together this combo can stun monsters and pull off some of the highest damage available in the game, especially if a monster is already stunned and downed.

Hammer Tips

Now that you know the combos available to you, let’s go over a few things you should know if you plan to use the Hammer in Monster Hunter: World.

  • First, you cannot block. This means you’ll need to evade attacks, which takes some getting used to. The good news is that mobility isn’t that big of an issue with the Hammer, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get into the groove and dodge those attacks.
  • You’ll also need to look out for other hunters in your party. Your Hammer can knock them back and away from the fight, so try to watch when and where you attack. Time things with your party and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.
  • As we stated above, Sharpness is much lower with Hammers and you’ll want to keep your Whetstone close, so you can make use of it whenever a monster retreats or you need to simply take a moment and restore your weapon’s Sharpness.
  • Focus your attacks on the monster’s head that you’re hunting to increase your chances of stunning it and giving your team even more time to attack and deal damage to it.
  • Finally, stick close to the enemy. Hammers have a much shorter reach than the other heavy weapons in Monster Hunter: World, and you will need all the chances you can get to deal damage to your enemies.

Stay close, don’t let the monster retreat too far, and just focus on dealing damage to its head. Make use of your combos and you shouldn’t have much trouble getting used to the Hammer. The Hammer has a lot of potential in Monster Hunter: World. Learning to use it will make you an important part of the team. Be sure to head over to our Monster Hunter: World guide. You can also find out how to get Coral Crystal as well as learn about all 14 weapon types.

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