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Monster Hunter World – All Weapon Types

by Josh Hawkins

Monster Hunter World is set to release latest this month, and so far we’ve had the chance to try the game out in two different betas available to the public. Whether you love the Monster Hunter series, or if you’re new to it with Monster Hunter World, knowing the difference between the different weapon types is going to be important if you hope to arm yourself and take down the biggest monsters in the world. In this article we’ll go over the currently known weapon types in Monster Hunter World to help you get a better understanding of each one.

Monster Hunter World All Weapon Types

There are a total of fourteen weapon types currently confirmed to appear in Monster Hunter World, and you’ll want to know what each weapon type is useful for if you aim to take down the biggest and baddest beasts in the game. The good news is, no matter what you plan to do, there is always room for versatility, and no matter what, you can always give each weapon type a try to see how you like it, as you are never restricted to just one weapon type.


Bows are extremely useful for those who want to engage in battle, but don’t want to be right up in the action. While they can be used when running solo, they are most effective when utilized alongside a party member who makes use of melee weapons. Bows are great thanks to the ability to coat your arrows with poisons, which can inflict different status ailments on the monsters that you encounter and take on. On top of the poisons available to bow users, they can also charge up their attack, dealing more damage to their enemies.

Charge Blades

Charge Blades are one of the more interesting weapon choices in Monster Hunter World, as they allow players to utilize both a sword and shield combo or a high-powered great axe. This allows for almost unlimited versatility in combat, and its extremely useful for those who want the option of a more guarded melee combo, or for those who want a slower attacking weapon that still offers them great mobility. You can change stance in an instant, allowing you to adapt to your enemy’s attacks in an instance.

Dual Blades

Dual Blades are incredibly quick, but low damage dealing weapons built for hunters who like the ability to jump in, attack, and then dive out of the action. The ability to overwhelm monsters with a flurry of quick attacks makes these blades extremely useful for solo players, and you can often leave the beasts that you fight stunned after a successful flurry in Demon Mode. If you want quick, brutal attacks then the Dual Blades are going to be your best bet.

Great Swords

As one of the heaviest weapons available to hunters in Monster Hunter World, Great Swords aren’t going to be quick to use, but the power and damage behind each hit make them well worth the effort that it takes to swing these oversized blades. You can also charge up the attack, dealing a series of attacks that can leave monsters stunned and open to even more attacks.


The nice thing about a Gunlance is the ability to quickly transform from melee combat to ranged combat with the weapon’s transformation ability. If you want something that’s going to give you the heavy hit of a melee weapon, as well as offer the versatility to attack your enemies from afar, then the Gunlance is going to be your best option.


This weapon choice is another great option for those who want to rely upon heavy damage and slow attacks. Like the Great Sword, attacks will be slow to land, but if you can manage to time your attacks correctly, you’ll walk away with one of the heaviest damage dealers in the game. You can also charge up the Hammer to instantly stun monsters, giving you time to land some additional blows on the enemy.

Heavy Bowguns

Similar to the Gunlance, the Heavy Bowgun offers the versatility of ranged damage alongside heavy volley-based attacks that can help you take enemies out extremely quickly. The biggest con to using this weapon, though, is the fact that you lose a lot of mobility, and you lack the ability to equip a shield alongside it, leaving you open to attacks from your enemies.

Hunting Horns

If you’d rather play support then the Hunting Horn is a great place to start. This weapon allows you to buff party members with melodies, giving them increased attack, defense, and other stats. It’s not really applicable as an offensive weapon, but it can deal damage to monsters of all shapes and sizes if needed.

Insect Glaives

The Insect Glaive allows users the ultimate one-stop-shop in mobility by arming them with a weapon that grants them the ability to jump above and around monsters and deal damage to their enemies using aerial-based attacks. It also provides a fairly substantial boost to the hunter using the weapon, and you can even deploy the weapon to harvest extract from the monsters that you kill.


Offering up one of the most balanced options for hunters, the Lance grants users both great damage output, as well as decent range, which can allow them to stay out of the heat of battle for the most part. It can also be equipped alongside a shield, granting even better defense than most of the other weapons that offer the same options.

Light Bowguns

Picking up somewhere between the Bow and the Heavy Bowgun, the Light Bowgun trades offensive power for mobility, allowing users to sprint around the battlefield rapidly firing off volleys of shells at their enemies. It doesn’t have the same stopping power as the Heavy Bowgun, but it offers a bit more damage output than the basic bow, which offers greater range and mobility.

Long Swords

As one of the nimblest weapon types in the game, Long Swords are sure to be a constant part of your party’s arsenal. It allows for plenty of mobility, while also offering decent range and combo effectiveness. It also has the Spirit Blade, which allows you to raise your attack for a brief time, granting more damage to go with the additional range that you get.

Switch Axes

This weapon is perfect for those who want a nice mix between weapons like the Great Sword and the Long Sword. You can easily swap between the two different modes, granting you the option to fight with a swift-attacking Long Sword or a slow-attack Heavy Axe that grants additional damage upon contact. It’s a great choice for those who want the most versatility on the battlefield, but beware that it doesn’t offer much range compared to other options out there.

Sword and Shield

Finally, there’s the age-old combo of Sword and Shield that offers the perfect balance between offense and defense. This is the most basic weapon in any hunter’s arsenal, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely useless. Make use of this weapon type if you’re new to the game, as it will offer the most balanced combat available.

Now that you know all about the different weapon types in Monster Hunter World, head over to our Monster Hunter: World guide for more in-depth help.

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