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Monster Hunter Rise | Hunting Horn Guide

by Jesse Vitelli

Every weapon in Monster Hunter Rise has its own distinct move-sets and features. One of the most underappreciated weapons, the Hunting Horn can be a vital asset to your team. Here is how to use the Hunting Horn in Monster Hunter Rise. 

Monster Hunter Rise | Hunting Horn Guide


First off, the Hunting Horn can provide stat buffs to everyone on your team. This works by pulling off specific combos and then “playing” a song to actually activate the buff. 

On the top right of the screen, you will see the buffs the Hunting Horn can provide. These are done by hitting the corresponding button combinations. For instance, XX, X+A X+A, & AA are all combinations you will have to hit. 

The Horn in Rise’s most notable change is the ability to pull off the Magnificent Trio and Infernal Melody.

Magnificent Trio will provide your entire team with all three buffs at once, which is a huge advantage. To do this, you’ll need to string together the following combo. X>XA >A and then hit ZR+X. This will cause you to make an additional attack that ends in powering up all of your teammates as well as dealing damage to the monster if you connect.

You will notice the Hunting Horn symbol with a circle filling up around it; you fill this gauge up by hitting the monster and playing Magnificent Trio. Eventually, when this gauge is full, it will glow gold. 

This is when you’ll need to hit your Magnificent Trio again, but at the end of the combo, hit the ZR button to perform Infernal Melody. This will provide your team with even more powerful versions of the buffs and should always be your goal when using the horn.

Building your meter to perform Infernal Melody is your top priority. 

Silkbind Attacks

The Hunting Horn has two different silk bind attacks that require the use of your wirebug charges.

The first one, Slide Beat, is performed with one Wirebug Charge and is done by hitting ZL+Y with your weapon drawn. 

This move will send you forward, spinning around your horn to hit a nice combo.

The other Silk bind attack is EarthShaker which takes both of your Wirebug charges and is performed with ZL+A when your weapon is drawn.

This move attaches a strand to whatever part of the monster you hit and then uses a sonic boom to cause massive damage.

This move is far riskier with its long charge-up time but is great for breaking parts or toppling the monster.


Here is a list of all of the attacks for the Hunting Horn

  • X = Left Swing
  • A = Right Swing
  • X+A = Backwards Strike
  • Left Stick Forward + X = Forward Smash
  • Left Stick + A = Crush
  • Left Stick+X+A = Overhead Smash
  • A After Forward Smash = Kick up the horn
  • X+A After Forward Smash = Spinning Attack
  • X After Crush = Spinning Attack with handle
  • ZR = Perform
  • ZR + X= Magnificent Trio
  • ZR +X + ZR when gauge is full = Infernal Melody
  • ZL+X = Slide Beat
  • ZL+A = EarthShaker

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Hunting Horn in monster hunter Rise. Be sure to check out more of our monster hunter rise coverage at Prima Games or on the official Prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages.  


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