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Modern Warfare Version 1.05 – Patch Changes

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, then you’ve probably been keeping your eye out for the most recent update to the game. The latest post-release patch is now live, which means that there’s been a number of tweaks and changes to improve your experience. Check out what we know about the Modern Warfare Version 1.05 patch, which Infinity Ward hasn’t released official patch notes for. 

Modern Warfare Version 1.05 – Some Important Changes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare hasn’t been out for long, but it’s definitely garnered a strong reaction from critics as outlined in our review roundup. Those who gunned in early would have been busy enjoying the game’s double EXP event, and now that you’re starting to see the masses catch on to Infinity Ward’s latest, the community has been providing valuable feedback to the team about what needs to be fixed. 

The patch looks to top out at around almost 3GB on PS4 and Xbox, and at 8GB for those of you are playing on PC. 

Some notable bug fixes in Modern Warfare Version 1.05 include:

  • Tweaks across the board to stop crashes
  • Fixing the bug that didn’t let people complete the Highway mission
  • Fixes to quest tracking objectives
  • Fixes to allow unlocking of camos

There have also been some changes to allow for improved balance in the game:

  • Exploit fix in Gunsmith for players who were cracking into the game on PC
  • Changes to levels of footstep audio
  • Changes to the Dead Silence perk
  • Changes to ADS for Xbox users shooting without scopes
  • Removing an exploit that lets people shoot certain vehicles for more gain with the Pointman perk

If Infinity Ward decides to roll out full patch notes for Modern Warfare Version 1.05 then we’ll update this post with them to keep you guys updated. So far, these are the changes that have been noted by the community and that we’ve noticed. If there have been other fixes, feel free to let us know! For help with some other stuff in Modern Warfare, check out the following:

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