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Mobius Final Fantasy Best Tips, Stagger Bar, Auto-Battle

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers the best tips for people just starting off in Mobius: Final Fantasy. Released for the iOS and Android, Mobius Final Fantasy is not surprisingly a huge game considering its name title. Here, we’ve put together some beginner tips for first-timersengaging in this adventure.

The Elemental Factor in Mobius Final Fantasy

The basic battle concepts in Mobius Final Fantasy are based on elements and weaknesses. In a nutshell, wind beats earth, earth beats wind, water beats fire, and so on. Each enemy uses a certain element, and it’s indicated by an icon on its life bar. As you attack, you’ll gain element orbs from enemies that your character can store (shown on the right tab), which can be used later to execute powerful attacks and abilities.

If you’re having trouble with an enemy, you may have to change your strategy. That’s where Element Drive comes into play.Element Drive allows you to absorb the same element as your enemy at the expense of other orbs you have stored, and grants you a temporarily defense boost against that mystic in which your foe is using. Practice with it, because you’ll need it for boss battles.

Play Your Cards Right in Mobius Final Fantasy

Choosing your job and decks in Mobius Final Fantasy is entirely up to you. Cards grant you special abilities, summoners and new job types. You acquire them through battle, other players and Ability Shops. You’ll want to spend a lot of time crafting your deck, and upgrading jobs with Skillseeds you earn from battle. It’s importantto assign your cardsaccordingly that support your class. Your job may provide water-based attacks, for example, so match it up with a water-based card. Experiment with various combinations to get comfortable.

The Stagger Bar (or Break Gauge)Returns in Mobius Final Fantasy

Picture the Break gauge as a defensive shield that stronger enemies use to protect themselves from your attacks. You won’t be able to simply slash all enemies to defeat them. Be consistent on breaking their shield whileshifting your attacks, and once you see BREAK! flash on the screen, try unleashing some elemental attacks (most notably, their weakness) you stored up in battle.

Prepare for the Next Area in Mobius Final Fantasy

As the tutorial indicates, once you complete an area, you’re able to prepare for what’s next. When you access the world map and select your next destination, the game will open up to the area’s hub. You’ll want to check out the bonuses featured and enemies that lurk there. This is a great advantage, considering you can assemble your deck accordingly,and at times view the element-based boss that occupies the zone.

Make Auto-battle a Habit in Mobius Final Fantasy

A feature that we used heavily in Bravely Default, Mobius lets you trigger Auto-battle. This feature puts the AI in control for you. Grinding has a tendency to be tedious, yet worth the time spent to build up your character and abilities. Turn this feature on against simple foes that increases the pace of battle. It won’t normally take advantage of the Element Drive and such, but worth it when taking a break from the game.

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