This feature will tell you how to beat Conquest mode in MLB The Show 16. In Conquest mode, you enjoy classic turn-based strategy as you take on all 30 Major League Baseball teams across the United States, with the mission of defeating them all and conquering different territories.

Follow these Conquest mode tips and you will easily beat missions and earn rewards for your team. 

Mastering the Basics of Conquest Mode

With Conquest mode, there are four key factors.


Select an area you want to try and take over, challenging the team currently in control. By defeating this team, you'll take over the area and add it to your collection.


Along the way, you'll earn more fans as you travel across the U.S., with each new territory you pick up. The more fans you have, the better support you'll receive as you try to dominate tougher territories.


Use fans to maintain control of certain territories so rival teams won't take them from you. On occasion, you will need to play defense and beat other teams to maintain control.


Finally, once you overtake the territories and beat all 30 teams, you'll earn great rewards for your team. This is a grind, but worth the effort.

Getting Started

You'll want to start in the middle of the U.S. when you begin your Conquest. That's because the other teams will easily capture the East and West Coast regions, and you'll want to succeed with as little resistance as possible to build your fan base. Stick to the upper region of the map, then work your way down and head to the East and West Coasts. By that time, you'll be ready to take them on. 

Conquest Mode Missions


There are a variety of missions available in the game, ranging in toughness from blue to gold, depending on their difficulty. Obviously, the higher the difficulty for the mission, the better reward you'll receive. If you complete all the missions, you'll earn experience points, along with spending credits and a limited edition player card, depending on the team. 

When running through missions, stick with taking over territories first, because cards and other rewards will come naturally, and you'll begin making progress on each one. Some will take more time than others (like collecting all the player cards for a specific team instead of a portion, at 25), but experienced players will have no trouble cleaning these up.

The gold ones usually consist of commanding a team, where you'll rack up innings played with a particular squad. Again, this will take a good amount of time, as you'll sometimes have to wait for the wins to stack up. But once it's done, the rewards are yours, and you'll be that much closer to taking over.

It can be a daunting task, but it involves a great addition to the MLB The Show series. Plus, if you're the sort of player who likes to play the classic game, Risk, consider this a bonus.

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