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Mistakes New Players Make in Hearthstone

by Bryan Dawson

Hearthstone is a game that requires critical thinking, patience, and a bit of luck. As a free-to-play game, there are quite a few people that are new to Hearthstone with each passing day. While it takes a considerable amount of time to learn all of the cards and build a solid deck, there are a few mistakes that most new players make. Avoiding these mistakes can help save you a few losses and quite a bit of time.

An Early Lead Means You’ve Won

There are many different ways to build a deck in Hearthstone, but few of them win matches in the first few turns. If you have 28 health and your opponent has 15 health on turn 6, you have not won the game yet. It’s extremely easy to unleash a plethora of damage on an unsuspecting opponent during the later turns. If you’re not prepared for this, you will lose. If you jump the gun and lay down too many cards (in an attempt to finish the opponent off), you’re just asking for the opponent to wipe out all of those cards in one turn, then crush you in the turns that follow. Always play cautiously, and never assume you’ve won.

Who Needs Taunt Cards

Taunt cards are one of the few ways you can fend off an opponent’s attack. While not all attacks can be stopped with taunt cards, and depending on the opponent, a taunt card may only do so much, it’s the best and first line of defense you have in many cases. Not all decks are built the same, but you should almost always have a good number of taunt cards ready to go, and a wide variety of them. A taunt card with two health won’t last very long, but you can use it early, so having one or two in your deck isn’t bad. Likewise, a taunt card with six or seven health can be used during later turns and potentially keep you alive.

Attack Over Health

Attack is important because you need to deal damage. However, you also need a solid defense against your opponent’s best cards. If you opt for cards with high attack and low health, you’re just asking to get them taken out by lesser cards. It’s good to have a variety, with a few high attack cards, but you definitely need cards with a lot of health as well.

Arena… NOW

Arena is one of the best ways to earn new cards, but you’ll only be wasting your gold (or money) if you rush into Arena before you  have a good grasp of the game mechanics. Play as each class until you’re at least level 10 with all of them, playing casual and ranked matches to increase your general knowledge of the game. Once you have a firm grasp on each class, then test your metal in Arena. You need roughly four wins in Arena to make it worth the gold. If you’re being knocked out with only one or two wins, you’ve gone in too soon.

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