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Misplaced Trust Destiny 2 Guide – Lost Ghost Trace

by Ginny Woo

Looking for Lost Ghosts? You’re not alone. Whether or not you’re a veteran of collecting Ghosts in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep or you’re just getting started, we’ll have some helpful general tips for you. Here’s our Misplaced Trust Destiny 2 guide if you need a hand to help find this particular Lost Ghost. 

Misplaced Trust Destiny 2 Guide – Lost Ghost Trace

To actually look for any Dead Ghosts, you’re going to have to have fulfilled the following criteria first:

  • Completed the main story quests for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Found the Lost Ghost Trace (random item drop)

Once you’ve got the Lost Ghost Trace, you’ll have to bring it to Eris Morn. This will kick off you being able to use this particular item to actually find said Lost Ghosts, like the Misplaced Trust exercise which we’re going to cover off in this guide. 

To find the Misplaced Trust Destiny 2 Lost Ghost, you’ll want to make sure that you make a total beeline for the Hellmouth. We’ve managed to narrow down the most straightforward directions to the Ghost, so just take a gander at the steps below:

  • Once you’re at the Hellmouth, you’re going to want to look out for the structure that looks half-buried in the landscape lengthways
  • Circle it and pop in from the east side of the structure
  • Once you’re in, keep left and vault a wall that’s by an open set of windows letting light in
  • The Ghost will be under your feet, up against the wall that you just cleared

Now that you’re in possession of our guide on how to find the Misplaced Trust Destiny 2 Lost Ghost that once belonged to Vell Tarlowe, it should be easy to add yet another tidbit of Shadowkeep lore (even though this is definitely a sad one) to your collection. If you need help with anything else related to Destiny 2, then we’ve got a number of other helpful guides that you can refer to in your time of need:

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