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Mini DayZ – How to Get A Gun

by Josh Hawkins

Mini DayZ brings the intense zombie-fighting action of DayZ to your mobile device, and it does so quite nicely. But, like any survival game featuring those who like to eat brains, you’re going to need to know how to defend yourself against the almost endless hordes of undead walking around everywhere. In this article we’ll share some helpful advice that will assist you during your adventure, as well as show you how to get a gun in Mini DayZ, which will be extremely helpful for taking down zombies in your way.

How to Get a Gun

Like any other survival game out there, you’re going to want to find a weapon very early on. This means you’ll want to know exactly where you can look for the type of weapon that you want and need.

There are several types of buildings and structures in Mini DayZ, and each structure type has a different composition for loot that can spawn within it. For example, residential buildings are more likely to hold things like food, water, bandages, and even clothing. Whereas larger buildings like schools can hold items like helmets, backpacks, and even sometimes weapons.

But, if you really want to increase your change of getting a gun—and you do, trust us—then you’re going to want to explore the map and find yourself a military base. These massive areas are littered with zombies, and not the slow ones that just repeat “brains” over and over again. No. Military bases are protected by crawlers, which run after you on all four. The good news is these enemies have a low amount of health, and while we do advise against using melee combat in our guide on how to survive in Mini DayZ, sometimes melee is the only option really available to you.

Once you find a military base you should approach it very carefully. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to tell what towns are military bases, so you’ll just need to explore until you find one. Once you have found one, though, approach it slowly, and keep an eye out for any zombies lurking nearby. Sometimes military bases are also guarded by soldiers, so watch out for those enemies too.

When you’re sure the area is clear, move in slowly and check for tents and other structures within the military base. You’ll often find ammunition, military gear, and even guns strewn about the different tents in military areas, and the small tents you see (which allow you to exit either side of them) are great for losing line of sight with zombies and throwing them off your trail.

Military bases are by far the best place to find a gun in Mini DayZ, and if you can find one early on, your chances of finding a good weapon that you can use against the zombies increases dramatically. The map is randomly generated, though, which means it may take a little bit for you to stumble across one. Just be vigilant, check buildings like schools and other structures, and before you know it you’ll have everything you need to survive the zombie apocalypse and get settled down. Be sure to check out our guide on how to craft items in Mini DayZ, where we go over all the current known recipes for items that you can craft in the game.

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