Minecraft Legends Day Zero Update

Minecraft Legends Day Zero Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

Updating the game at the speed of light

Minecraft Legends has just been released, but players were quick to notice its fair share of problems, ranging from bugs to random crashes and FPS drops. But since we live in an era where developers can easily deploy post-launch updates for the game, it doesn’t take long until patches addressing those problems are sent out. 

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The Mojang title was released with its own Day Zero patch, focusing on performance-related issues, PvP adjustments and various other QoL features. There’s obviously no new content included, but we have instead some much-needed changes for all platforms. Check out the list of changes in the Minecraft Legends Day Zero Full Patch notes below.

Day Zero Update for Minecraft Legends Full Patch Notes

NOTE: For console players who purchased the physical version, be sure to connect to the internet to get this latest update. If you obtained the game digitally, you already have all of these fixes!


  • Crash and performance fixes
  • Updated base escalation stingers and voiceovers 
  • Fix for nether spreaders placing off of nether
  • Implemented music state switching during the Horde of the Spore boss fight
  • Increased village warrior spawns during later game 
  • Tuned lava pools in the Bastion horde outposts
  • Updates to Spore horde base layouts for easier player bridging
  • Bastion horde corner zones now generate more organically 
  • Tuned the number of piglins in village attacks
  • Mob alliance houses can now take damage and be disabled. When these and village houses are disabled, their spawners are deactivated
  • Increased the bonus distance that roaming piglins can spawn next to villages by 50%
  • Reduced the distance piglins spawn when attacking wellhouses
  • Better tuning of the defense ratings granted by player structures
  • The carpenter specialization now adds bonus health to the calculation
  • Tweaks to wildlife spawning times
  • Legendary difficulty tuning and balancing
  • Added a new music state for the final boss
  • Village attack tuning: Engineers now appear in wave compositions for all hordes and deal effective damage to buildings from afar.
  • Higher level attack horde waves no longer split into 4 groups
  • Increased mob alliance distance from villages
  • Updates to village, wellhouse, and mob alliance territory sizes
  • Updated timing of cinematics and voiceovers in Act 1
  • Updated tutorial and first time user experience flow
  • Updated prompts and text displayed to the player during the game start
  • Improved timing of objective nudges
  • Tutorial page text updates
  • Player is now immune to stunned state
  • Villagers now have an outline in Banner View
  • Piglin slowgrass speed debuff reduced to -50% move speed (previously -70%)
  • Fixed fast travel position for wellhouses and fountains
  • Removed the gold gather order
  • Increased item pick-up life-time
  • Updated damage to the player from lava, thorns, and other environmental hazards
  • Increased redstone launcher range & reduced spyglass buff 
  • Increased upgrade structure buff ranges
  • Orbit camera updated to feel more natural
  • There is now an announcement when you’ve unlocked the ability to fast travel to a village
  • Build times tuning + small cost tunings in PvP
  • Ranged targeting on PvP HQ fixed
  • PvP piglin barracks health tuning + prismarine drop tuning
  • Updated prismarine loop in PvP
  • Adjusted the distribution of stone in PvP matches
  • Added a lapis flag onboarding tutorial message in PvP
  • Updated world placements + increased wood gathered per block in PvP
  • Piglin horde attack rates and wave sizes tuned in PvP
  • Added player mob + RSL damage increase for late game PvP matches
  • Added late game mechanic in PvP so mobs deal more damage after 40+ minute games
  • Fixed the Firsts so they can properly be used while in Battle View

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