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Minecraft Dungeons Pets: How to Get a Chicken Pet

by Prima Games Staff

Minecraft Dungeons is the latest installment to the long running franchise and puts a new twist on the series. This time around, players will focus on exploring dungeons instead of building and crafting. If you don’t like exploring alone, developers have created Minecraft Dungeons pets to explore the depths of the caves with you. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the chicken pet and how to equip it!

How to Get a Chicken in Minecraft Dungeons

Let’s face it, exploring the dungeons alone can be kind of boring. And while Minecraft Dungeons does support split-screen play, sometimes you might want the comfort of a non-human friend. This is where the chicken pet comes into play!

To get a chicken as a Minecraft Dungeons pet, you will need to have purchased the Hero Edition of the game or purchase the Hero Pass seperately. With the Hero Pass, players will get two future DLC packs, two player skins, a Hero cape, and a pet chicken. 

If you ordered the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll get the base game, plus everything offered in the Hero Pass for $30. Alternatively, if you’ve purchased the game separately, or are playing via Game Pass, you can purchase the Hero Pass for $10. 

It doesn’t really matter which option you choose here, as the base game costs $20. So you’re not really saving any money if you purchase the bundle as opposed to the Hero Pass and vice versa. However, if you are a Game Pass subscriber, you’ll be able to download and play Minecraft Dungeons for free, so you’d definitely only want to purchase the $10 Hero Pass. 

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Once you have purchased the Hero Edition/Pass, you’ll be able to equip your Minecraft Dungeons pet after you begin the main story. While you won’t be able to get a chicken right away, the option will eventually become available and it will be pretty clear. Once you’re available to equip your new pet, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open your inventory

  2. Navigate to the Cosmetics tab 

  3. Select the chicken’s slot

  4. Press equip

After you complete the steps above, you’ll find that you have an adorable little chicken friend to keep you company as you explore the world. If you ever get tired of your feathery friend (you monster) then you can unequip the chicken by following the same steps mentioned above. However, since the game will take a while to play through, you will probably enjoy the company.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to purchase the Hero Edition before you start playing to get the chicken pet. If at any point you decide to purchase the bundle, you can follow the steps above to equip your Minecraft Dungeons pet. 

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