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Metroid NES Classic Edition Cheats and Tips

by Prima Games Staff

In August of 1986 Nintendo expanded their lineup of games with Metroid, a space-based action adventure video game for the NES. Now, over thirty years later, Samus returns to her original adventure on the NES Classic Edition, complete with all the original secrets and cheats from the original game. In this article we’ll teach you some of these secrets and even show you several passwords you can use to get missiles, energy tanks, and more.

How to End the Game Quickly

Stuck in a level or just need to go back to the password screen for a minute? You can quickly end a session in Metroid by pressing Start on the first controller. Then, grab the second controller and press UP and A at the same time. This will quickly pull you out of the game and toss you back to the password screen, where you can enter in new passwords and then continue playing.

How to Skip Kraid and Ridley

Don’t feel like fighting this boss duo? You can easily skip them. To complete this “glitch” or “hack” you’ll need to have made it far enough in the game to get the Ice Beam. Now, head to the room where the bridge needs to be formed and you’ll find Ridley and Kraid’s statues there. Before you enter the room, though, have the winged enemy chase you and let it hit you just as you enter the room. This will cause it to follow you into the room, where you can freeze it and use it as a stepping stone to jump across the gap, thereby allowing you to skip the boss fight with Ridley and Kraid.

Passwords and Unlock Codes

There are quite a few passwords in Metroid for the NES, and we’ve listed them all below. You can find the password on the left, and the effect that it has on the game to the right.


Items/Effects Unlocked

X-z-uJ lls0W0 fVvweG 000WNr

Start with 215 Missiles, 5 Energy Tanks, all Powerups, with both mini-bosses dead.

000000 000000 03-200 000089

255 missiles, but no missile tanks available.

222222 222222 UUUUUU UUUUUU

No Morph ball.

M7—- –zOA0 2T-tfm a000d5

Start atop Tourian.

000000 000000 080h00 0000gu

Begin with missiles but no there will be no missiles in Kraid’s lair

000000 000001 00F300 00008X

Begin with missiles, but there will be no missile tanks in Ridley’s lair

X—– –N?WO dV-Gm9 W01GMI

Unlock the best ending.


Start in Nofair, Mother Brain dead, Maru Mari, Varia, and 212 Missiles.


Everything unlocked except Ice Beam. Start at last boss.

00U— -u0000 0AFw9Y 1800sb

Jump into a fight with Ridley.

y54I04 0G9040 0B–00 0000YE

Gather energy untill all your tanks are full, then run straight up to Mother Brain. Grants you every item needed to beat the game.

NARPAS SWORD0 000000 000000

Samus is invincible and has an infinite amount of missiles.

mMuiS1 II6-GE Jls?h0 m00WRM

Unlocks all weapons and removes Samus’ suit.

333333 333333 KKKKKK KKKKKK

Takes you to the Title Screen.

000000 000020 000000 000020

Begin the game with Suitless Samus and no items.

V – – – – – – r – e69 t?A00e 00M04p

Begin at Tourian, fully armed with Powerups, ready to dive into the 2nd ending.

X – – – – – – – N?WO dVue08 001GL2

Begin at Tourian, fully powered up, ready to start the 3rd ending.

OV – – – – – – r – e6 9t?A08 000GTq

Start at Tourian, fully powered up, able to jump right into the 4th ending.

7 – – – – – – zVw1Y T – YW01 – W5WCl

Begin at Tourian, fully armed with Powerups, ready to dive into the 5th ending.

5X – – – – – – – N?W OdVue0 0000iu

Begin at Tourian, fully powered up character, ready to start the best ending.

0iF – – – – – – w – q 3ax – 50 0000wx

Start at Tourian with full Powerups, Suitless Samus, and ready for the best ending.


Begin in Tourian with only 1 Energy Tank and 48 Missiles. Virtually no Powerups activated, stuck in place, and playing as armorless Samus.

000000 000000 0Fy000 00003-

Begin the game with 255 Missiles.

000000 000000 4G0000 00000H

Start the game with Bombs and Maru Mari.

000000 000000 080000 0000Y8

Begin the game with Ice Beam.

000000 000000 100000 000004

Start the game with Long Beam.

000000 00000G 7?2ruA 005WFh

Start with Suitless Samus, 5 Missiles, all Powerups, and no Energy Tanks.

000000 000000 040000 0000X8

Begin the game with Wave Beam.

000000 000020 000000 000020

Starts the game with Suitless Samus and no Powerups.

l-aaaa aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaa

Start the game with Suitless Samus, Wave beam, no Long Beam, no Morph ball, and both Kraid and Ridley statues open to Tourian.


Starts you in the beginning of the game with armorless Samus and no powerups, but you can enter Tourian from the start.

999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK

No Varia or Mother Brain in the game.

00WX00 2W0000 41TW1o 0000(lower-case cursive L)D

Makes character into Suitless Samus.

Using the codes listed above you can change the game to make it play almost any way that you want. This also gives players a chance to play as Suitless Samus, which could previously only be unlocked by completing the game by a specific time. While we don’t recommend using all of these codes, some can be useful if you’re just looking to enjoy the 8-bit beauty of Metroid on the NES Classic Edition. Head back over to our NES Classic Edition guide, or take a look at some of the secrets in The Legend of Zelda.