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Metroid Dread Boss Guide | Corpius

by Lucas White

Metroid games have two major elements: getting lost in a giant map and boss fights. A map-oriented walkthrough for Metroid Dread is a tall order to perhaps tackle later. That said, we can definitely crank out some boss guides. There are a number of bosses in Metroid Dread, and most of them have very videogame solutions. Learn the patterns, find the weak point, spam missiles.

That’s Corpius in a nutshell, the first and therefore easiest boss in Metroid Dread. But for completion’s sake, we’re gonna cover how to take this big lizard/alien/demon/scorpion(?) down. The crux of this fight is teaching you that, unlike some past Metroid games, in Dread you can’t just stand still and hammer away on the missile button. You have to pay attention a little.

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Corpius doesn’t have much going on at first. It spits slow-moving projectiles and tries to hit you with its tail. The windup for its tail attack tells you what you need to do. If its tail winds up horizontally, a simple jump will avoid the incoming swipe. If the tail pulls back instead, it’s going to shoot forward into the ground wherever you stand when it’s done tracking. For this one you can simply move to one side after a beat.

The projectiles Corpius hurls at Samus aren’t a threat at all. However, they are a source of missiles and energy if you need those. Every boss gives you some opportunity or another to replenish, and this is your first example. 

To actually damage Corpius, you have to either hit it with missiles or charge beams right in its toothy face. Corpius is well aware of this weakness, and will move up and down to try and throw you off. Just make sure you’re actively ready to aim and you’ll deal enough damage in time. 

Once you deal out enough damage Corpius will turn invisible, attacking you normally but with a new, glowing weak point on its tail. You can still try to shoot at Corpius’ face, but the new tail area opens up a new opportunity. Hit the tail enough and you’ll stun Corpius, then you’ll be able to slide underneath and trigger a counter chance. 

Corpius will also attack you by spitting acid all over the floor. You simply need to avoid this by clinging to the blue sections of wall with the Spider Magnet. Once you’ve seen everything Corpius can dish out it’s a matter of time before it throws in the towel.