Screws are the main currency in Mega Man 11. If you want to purchase items from the shop, you’re going to need a lot of screws. Luckily, there’s a way to farm screws in Mega Man 11 so you can get a lot of screw fast. It’s still a little tedious, and you’ll need to spend some time doing it, but once you know how to get screws fast in Mega Man 11, you won’t have to worry about buying anything from the shop again!

How to Farm Screws

  • Block Man Stage
  • Use the Screw Catcher item
  • Use the Mystery Chip item

There are three ways you can easily increase your screw amount in Mega Man 11. The first and easiest is by going into Block Man’s stage, moving to the right on the first screen, and using the Rush Coil to reach the large screw just before you get to the second screen. Exit out to the stage select screen and repeat the process. You'll keep the screw you just picked up, and it will respawn when you go back into Block Man's stage. Defeat the enemies along the way as one of them may drop another large screw for you. The large screw gives you 100 screws, and if you buy everything in the lab one time, it would cost you just under 13,000 screws.

Mega Man 11 Screw Farming

To increase your chances of picking up more screws, you can buy a couple of different items from the lab. The first item in the Screw Catcher, which is only available in the lab on Saturdays. Pick up this item and enemies will have a 30 percent higher drop rate for screws. This is a considerable boost, which means you’ll see enemies drop screws frequently.

You can also pick up the Mystery Chip, which gives you a screw bonus depending on how fast you complete a level, and what difficulty you’re playing on. With this item you’ll get a lot more screws just by playing through the game. This helps if you don’t feel like grinding through Block Man’s stage over and over again to collect more screws.

Mega Man 11 Mystery Chip

With just the two items, you can play through the first few stages and you’ll have quite a few screws to spend. Couple this with the Block Man stage farming and within an hour or two you shouldn’t have to worry about screws for the remainder of your time playing Mega Man 11.

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