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Mega Man 11 – Defeat Acid Man

by Bryan Dawson

As you play through Mega Man 11, one of the bosses you’ll face off against is Acid Man. In order to defeat Acid Man in Mega Man 11 you’re going to need to know his boss pattern and how best to deal with it. In this article we’ll cover how to defeat Acid Man in Mega Man 11 with some useful strategies to get around each one of his attacks. We’ll also let you know which weapon you should be using to defeat Acid Man.

How to Defeat Acid Man

  • Recommended Weapon: Block Dropper (Block Man)

Unlike some of the other bosses in the game, Acid Man doesn’t really have multiple phases. Instead, he has three different attacks that he’ll alternate between. As long as you know how to deal with each one of these attacks, it shouldn’t be too difficult to take down Acid Man. If you’ve already taken down Block Man and acquired the Block Dropper, this fight is a little easier. Let’s take a look at Acid Man’s three main attacks.

Acid Barrier

Mega Man 11 Acid Man

When the fight begins, Acid Man immediately activates his Acid Barrier. This engulfs Acid Man in an acidic bubble that is difficult to penetrate. If you have the Block Dropper switch over to it and drop a single set of blocks on Acid Man while the Acid Barrier is active. This will immediately dissolve the barrier and force Acid Man to switch to another attack.

Stationary Triple Shot

Mega Man 11 Acid Man

The second attack Acid Man uses is a triple shot. He jumps toward Mega Man, then stands still while firing off three shots from his blaster that home in Mega Man’s position when the shots are fired. As soon as you see Acid Man jump, slide under him to avoid taking damage. Because the shots he fires only home in on Mega Man’s location at the time he shoots, you can jump and he’ll aim in the air for his next shot.

To avoid the shots, once Acid Man lands start blasting him with the Mega Buster and jump over the first shot. This will make Acid Man’s second shot target the air as Mega Man lands on the ground. Use this opportunity to continue blasting Acid Man, then jump over the third shot. These shots don’t fire rapidly, so you have enough time to jump when you see the first and third shots.

Speed Gear Shark Attack

Mega Man 11 Acid Man

Once you’ve inflicted enough damage, Acid Man activates Speed Gear and dives into the acid below. He creates a shark-like wave and speeds toward Mega Man. Jump over the wave, then continue running away from Acid Man and jump again immediately as soon as he fires. When Acid Man jumps out of the water, he fires three shots in rapid succession. By jumping a second time when you see the shots fired, you will avoid the barrage of shots.

You cannot damage Acid Man while during this attack. Just continue to dodge the wave and the shots while Acid Man repeats this shark attack a few more times. After the Speed Gear Shark Attack, Acid Man returns to the Acid Barrier attack, and continues to cycle through his attacks in this same order again.

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