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Max Rank Modern Warfare Guide – What’s The Max Rank?

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and you’re a series veteran, then you might be wondering whether or not there are some changes to what happens when you reach the pinnacle of success. Everyone’s used to flexing with Prestige, but as you might already know, that won’t be possible in the latest game. Check out our Max Rank Modern Warfare guide for tips on what happens once you reach the top of your game. 

Max Rank Modern Warfare Guide – What’s The Max Rank?

When you hit max level in Modern Warfare, you’re going to find that instead of the usual Prestige system which is a soft reset for your progression when it comes to multiplayer that comes with rewards, you’re going to encounter something called the Officer Rank instead. 

While your player rank might go up to 55 (which is the maximum numerical rank), dipping into Officer Ranks won’t affect that numerical rank. What Modern Warfare does is it gives you another set of challenges to complete and also the chance to go through 100 ranks per season as a way to show that you’re on the level. This hypothesis provides that players will technically max out at rank 55 (which never resets), and if they choose to engage in the Officer Rank challenges then they’ll have the benefit of another 100 ranks to flex on other people with – each Officer Rank gets you a medal ribbon and an EXP boost. These Officer Ranks will reset every season. 

This is definitely a change compared to how prestige used to function in the older Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games, so it might not be what we’re used to but we can definitely see the appeal in how the game is choosing to incentivize players to keep on going with their multiplayer exploits. Now that you’ve got our max rank Modern Warfare guide in hand, you should be able to better plan out what your goals are when it comes to jumping into matches with your mates, and getting those sweet Officer Ranks. Need a hand with anything else in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Check out these guides that we’ve put together:

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