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Mass Effect: Andromeda – How to Respec Your Character

by Josh Hawkins

Sometimes in Mass Effect: Andromeda you might find yourself up against a problem you can’t resolve with your current set of skills. Or, maybe you’ve just grown to dislike the upgrades that you chose, and would like a chance to start over. No matter what situation you run into, there’s always an option to respec in Mass Effect: Andromeda. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about get your Mass Effect: Andromeda respec done, along with what the respec effects are, and more.

How to Respec

In order to respec your character in Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’re going to need to complete a small portion of the game. Once you’ve escaped Habitat 7, and made your way to the Nexus, you’ll be given The Tempest, a ship which will allow you to travel around the Andromeda Galaxy. Once you have the Tempest, you can start re-specing your character at any point.

To respec your character, or any of the members of your party, make your way down to Deck 3. This can be done by heading down the elevator, to the Cargo Bay, where the Nomad is stored when you aren’t on a planet.

Once in the Cargo Bay, look for two doorways, one on either side, with short ramps leading up to them. This leads to an additional area with the Crew Quarters, Med Bay, and Pathfinder’s Quarters.

Head through one of the doors, and follow the hallway around to a centered corridor. The Crew Quarters are to the left, the Pathfinder Quarters are through the next door directly at the end of the corridor, and the Med Bay should be off to the right.

Turn right and head into the Med Bay. Lexi should be off to the side, dealing with the ship’s medical equipment. Ignore her and look to your left. There should be a screen running along the wall with a large display showcasing a human skeleton. This is the Respec Station.

How the Respec Station Works

Once you’ve found the Respec Station, it’s time to dive in. You can interact with the left-end of it to launch the Respec window. It costs 20 Credits the first time, and each additional re-spec will cost you 500 Credits to complete.

After confirming the respec, you’ll be able to choose which team member you want to respec. Just about any member of your party is applicable here, so be sure to respec anyone to set their skills in a way that fits your playstyle.

Once you’ve chosen to respec your character, the skill points will be reset and you can then go about replacing them where you need them. You can also hold off on placing them anywhere just yet, if you’d like to wait for a later time to upgrade a particular skill.

Now that you know how to re-spec your character, you can take a look at our free Mass Effect: Andromeda guide, or be sure to pick up the official Prima Games strategy guide for more in-depth walkthroughs of every mission in the game.

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