Mass Effect: Andromeda – Best Training for Your Playstyle

Find out how to decide which Training selection is best when creating a new character.

Like previous BioWare games, Mass Effect: Andromeda allows you to customize your character to fit your playstyle, starting right from the moment you set out to create a character. During the creation process players must choose a type of Training for their character. In this article we’ll go over each Training type, and discuss how to find the best Training in Mass Effect: Andromeda for your playstyle.

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How to Get the Best Training

Each type of Training in Mass Effect: Andromeda is broken down into different categories, with each type of Training offering different skills that players will have access to right from the start. These skills differ depending on the Training you choose, and players should make sure they choose a Training type that aligns with their preferred playstyle in the game.


Ryder’s training by default, the Security Training gives players the Concussive Shot starting power, which is great for knocking down enemies when you need to change cover. You also start off with Turbocharge, which grants a short term boost to your weapon’s fire rate and thermal clip efficiency. Another skill that’s unlocked from the start is Combat Fitness, which gives increased durability and the option to carry more weapons into battle.

Who this fits: If you’re looking to bring the pain of a thousand suns down upon your enemy, this then is the best place to start. Concussive Shot is a great starting power that is very effective against the Kett, and the starting skills will allow you to unlock more room for additional weapons while in the field quite early.


During your training you were given the ability to use mass effect fields, which allow you to make use of Biotic powers like this Training type’s starting power, Throw. While similar to “super powers” in a way, biotic powers are extremely useful for flushing out enemies and giving your squad mates a good view of their attackers. The unlocked skills for this Training include Singularity—which creates an enemy-trapping vortex—and Barrier, which bolsters your defenses to mitigate incoming damage.

Who this fits: Biotics are basically the wizards of the Mass Effect universe, and if you enjoy hurling deadly balls of fire at your enemies, then this class is for you. You won’t be using as much firepower as other Training types, like Security, but you’ll still be more than able to hold your own in battle.


If you enjoy taking enemy tech and turning it against them, then this Training type is where you want to start. The Training’s starting power, Overload, unleashes an electrostatic discharge that deals high amounts of damage to enemy shields and any synthetic enemies around. It can also be chained to multiple targets. Unlocked skills include Invasion—allowing you to hack your opponent’s armor and weapons, infecting them with a virus that weakens their defenses and can even be spread to nearby foes—and Team Support, which bolsters the survivability of your entire squad.

Who this fits: This Training type is for those who like using machines against their enemies, and prefer to support their team from behind cover, instead of at the front lines of the battlefield.


This Training type is for players who want to lead their team by example. Most of the skills and powers in this Training will focus around support for the team in some shape, form, or fashion. Your starting power in this Training is Energy Drain, which allows you to drain your target’s shields and replenish your own, which can be very useful when taking on waves of Remnant foes all at once. Players who choose this Training will start with the following unlocked skills: Annihilation, which weaves a shifting aura of mass effect fields around you and slowly damages your foes, and Team Support, which allows you to bolster your squad’s survivability in combat.

Who this fits: This Training is for those who want to lead and support their squad with both defensive and offensive capabilities. You’ll find yourself relying heavily on AI help using this Training.


Players who choose this Training type are the ones you find looking for any way to end a conversation with a fight. It includes the starting power Charge, which launches the player at their target and deals a large amount of damage. Players also start off with Combat Fitness, which we already discussed earlier in this article. They’ll also have Charge unlocked right off the bat, allowing them to upgrade it right from the start.

Who this fits: Players who want to be a part of every fight they come across will want to choose this Training. It’s primed specifically for combat-based playstyles.


The final Training type available to players is focused around stealth and cloaking. Players begin the game with the Tactical Cloak ability, which can be very useful for getting out of sticky situations. They also start off with Combat Fitness unlocked as a skill, as well as Tactical Cloak, which then can begin upgrading early on.

Who this fits: This Training type is focused around stealth gameplay, and those who want to sneak behind their enemy and attack from behind will enjoy making use of these powers and skills.

Choosing the best Training is all about finding one that works for your playstyle. Players who enjoy combat and fighting up close and personal will want to choose selections like Scrapper or Security, as these start you off with some good combat based skills. If you enjoy hacking, choose Technician, and those who want to sneak around behind their enemies will want to start with the Operative Training.

Now that you know how to find the best Training for your playstyle, head back over to our Mass Effect: Andromeda guide for more helpful articles and guides like how to respec your character and more. 

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