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Mass Effect: Andromeda – Best Armor Sets

by Josh Hawkins

If you’ve found yourself struggling to stay alive in Mass Effect: Andromeda, then you might not have a good set of armor to back you up. While weapons are important, sometimes the best offense is a good defense, and armor is the best way to defend yourself from enemy attacks and harsh weather conditions. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best armor sets (based solely on their stats and perks), so that you can spend less time hiding behind cover recovering health, and more time taking your enemies down.

The Best Armor Sets

As we stated above, we based this list solely upon the armor’s stats and perks, and to be completely honest, there really isn’t any one best set of armor that players can pick up. It all depends on what stats you’re looking for, what perks you want out of your armor, and what kind of design you like.

Remnant Heritage Armor

One reason we like this set is because it offers some of the best stats available in the game. It’s also a really great looking set of armor, and has some nice perks that will make your survivability much greater. When paired together with the whole set, the Remnant Heritage Armor offers high damage resistance, massive upgrades to your health and shield, and even a reduction in the time it takes for your health and shields to regenerate. It’s great for those who like to take a lot of bullets to the chest and keep walking. The biggest downfall with this armor is it will require quite a lot of Remnant Research Data to unlock and build.

N7 Armor

We’ve already shown you how to get the N7 Armor, but this stylish call back to Commander Shepard is about more than just offering an iconic armor set for Mass Effect fans to equip. The N7 Armor is by far one of the best armor sets available, in our opinion, especially if you’re looking to make use of the game’s various Biotic abilities. It will cost around 1500 Milky Way Research Data to unlock the first level set, but it’s well worth the investment as it boosts your shields, Biotic recharge, and Biotic damage power.

Hyperguardian Armor

If you’re a fan of slamming enemies’ brains in with your Omni-tool, or just want something that allows you to melee to your little heart’s content, then this is an armor set you’ll want to pick up. It will cost you around 725 Milk Way Research Data Points to unlock the full set, which offers additional boosts to your health, shields, and melee damage output.

These are just three of the strongest armor sets in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and there are plenty of others out there waiting for a chance to blow your mind. For more help, be sure to head back over to our Mass Effect: Andromeda guide, where we have helpful guides on how to get the best shotgun, as well as how to get the best Pathfinder builds for your playstyle.