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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Tips and Tricks

by Josh Hawkins

If you picked up the latest hit for the Nintendo Switch, then chances are you’re already knee deep in taking down raving Rabbids as they try to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. At its surface, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle may seem like a simple tactical strategy game, but the deeper you dig, the more complex things become, and in this article we’ll point out several Mario + Rabbids: Kindgom Battle tips and tricks that all players should be aware of when they start playing the game.

Abilities and Techniques Matter

The first thing to keep in mind is that abilities and techniques matter quite a bit. You should always make sure you’re using these items and abilities as often as possible. Have a healing power? Use it to top off the health of a fellow warrior. Have a shield that will blocking incoming damage by 50%? Don’t forget to use it every chance you can. Abilities take a few turns to restore, but when they’re available, remember to activate them could be the difference between success and failure.

Experiment with Your Team

There’s no shame in making changes to your team, and with eight total characters to work with, there are plenty of compositions available to help break up the monotony and make sure your team is the best that it can be. Different characters offer different weapon types, and even abilities, so you can change them up at any time between battles to make sure you have a composition that works well for you. You’ll definitely want to do this when taking on bosses, as some characters will fair better again them than others.

Purchase Upgrades

The most important thing you can do to make sure your team is ready to go in battle is make sure you keep their weapons and skills upgrade every chance you get. In fact, we’d suggest visiting the Battle HQ and upgrading your weapons and skills after every midboss and boss fight. This will ensure you’re putting your Power Orbs to use as quickly as possible, while also making sure you have all the items and skills that you need to take down your enemies and continue progressing through the game.

If you can take these tips, and make use of them in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, you’re going to find yourself having a much easier time taking down all the enemies that you encounter. You can also head over to our Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle guide, where you’ll find an assortment of different articles like how to use amiibo, how to level up quickly, and even how to unlock new characters in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

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