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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – How to Increase Shot Percentage

by Josh Hawkins

Shot percentage plays a vital part in the combat system introduced in Ubisoft and Nintendo’s hit mashup tactical RPG, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. If you want to progress through the game, and run into less issues with the enemy battles, then you’re going to need to fully understand this stat and how you can increase it. In this article we’ll explain what shot percentage is, as well as cover the basic ways that you can increase your shot percentage in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, to make sure every shot counts.

What is Shot Percentage?

Like most tactical RPGs, players are not guaranteed to hit the enemy, and thus they’ll have to try to gauge whether they think they have a good enough shot, or whether they should look into moving their character somewhere else. In Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, this stat is called Shot Percentage, and it can be seen clearly when you target an enemy.

Now, your Shot Percentage can change quite a bit based on a number of variables. For one, the height of your character to your enemy is an important factor to note. If you’re higher than your enemy, your Shot Percentage will be higher, as you have a much better line of sight on them. However, if your enemy is behind a full wall, your line of sight is broken, which means you’ll have a much lower chance of hitting them if you fire on them. You can increase your chances of hitting your shots by taking quite a few things into account, and we’ve broken them down below to help you out.

How to Increase Shot Percentage

Increasing your Shot Percentage is actually quite easy, and it’s something that you should try to do as often as possible. The higher your chances of hitting a shot, the better off you’ll be. Because of this, always try to make sure you have a clear line of sight when attacking an enemy. Sometimes this won’t be possible, as there won’t be enough cover to allow you to move to the right spot (try not to be out of cover too much, as it opens your characters up to unnecessary damage that you’ll have to deal with). When this happens (and it will) just be sure to make sure you have the highest Shot Percentage possible for those situations.

You can also move closer to enemies to increase your Shot Percentage. This not only makes it harder for you to miss, but sometimes—depending on the weapon that you’re wielding—it can also lead to you getting quite a bit more damage off on the enemy. Likewise, you should make sure you’re keeping any obstacles in between you and the enemy’s line of sight, as this will decrease their Shot Percentage, making them far less accurate.

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