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Mario Kart Tour Goats Challenge Guide: Take Out 5 Goats

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been playing any Mario Kart Tour, then you’ll be very familiar with the in-game challenges that you have to complete in order to get Grand Stars. Some of you might even remember our guide on the Three Pipes challenge which we put out recently. Pipes are the least of your problems, though. Now, it’s about going free-range. Our guide to the Mario Kart Tour Goats challenge should prove pretty enlightening if you’re in the market for a little vehicular goat-terrorizing.

Mario Kart Tour Goats Challenge Guide: Take Out 5 Goats

Now that you’re clearly on the warpath against flora and fauna in Mario Kart Tour, let the good times begin. As with the other challenges in the game, you’re doing this in the name of monetary gain, which clearly makes it all okay.

You have to take out 5 goats as part of this challenge, and it’s honestly pretty easy so long as you’ve got basic hand-eye coordination. We’re going to assume the latter since, well, this is a mobile game that relies on people at least being able to use one finger to steer. Now, here are some tips for completing the Mario Kart Tour goats challenge, some being more obvious than others:

  • Find a Circuit with goats (Daisy Hills would be our recommendation if you’re really wanting to knock this out quick)
  • Dose yourself up with items – a Giant Mushroom makes for easy squishing, or Green shells if you think you’re Hawkeye

Now all you have to do once you’ve followed our helpful instructions above is to, well, take out those goats. Whether it’s pelting them with shells, squishing them like some sort of deranged vehicular giant, or running right through them thanks to a Frenzy, it doesn’t really matter. You’re here to put these goats out of their misery and the sooner you do that, the sooner you can complete the challenge and do something a little less cruel. 

With our Mario Kart Tour goats challenge guide in hand, you should hopefully find taking care of the game’s demands a little easier. Need a bit of guidance in another area of the track? Check out our guide on the Coin Rush minigame and how you can use it to get rich.

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