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Mario Kart Tour Giant Banana Guide: How to Use a Giant Banana Three Times

by Ginny Woo

If you’re cracking into the new challenges that the Tokyo Circuit has brought to Mario Kart Tour, then you’re definitely not alone. While we’re far from the realms of goats and pipes, there’s a whole new selection of inanimate objects and flora/ fauna to assert your dominance over in Tokyo, especially considering Donkey Kong’s favorite fruit. Enter our Mario Kart Tour Giant Banana guide where we’ll show you how to conquer the fruity challenge of using one three times.

Mario Kart Tour Giant Banana Guide: How to Use a Giant Banana Three Times

Yes, you haven’t read the title wrong, neither are you laboring under a misapprehension. You do have to use a Giant Banana in Mario Kart Tour as one of the challenges that have to be completed as part of the Tokyo Tour.

For those who are a little confused about how this works mechanically, we’ll make it easy for you: only specific drivers can use the Giant Banana – Morton and Donkey Kong. The Gaint Banana breaks into three bananas and essentially can be used to knock out a whole bunch of pesky opponents at one go. We’d definitely recommend using this as you’re coming up on pole position for maximum efficiency.

We’ve got some general tips and tricks for you if you’re wanting to knock out this challenge in the most efficient way possible:

  • Use either Donkey Kong or Morton as your driver
  • Hang back a little in the race – you’re more likely to be blessed with the Banana if you’re not coasting in the lead the whole time
  • Donkey Kong drivers should note that he can Frenzy on the Dino Dino Jungle and Rock Rock Mountain tracks, meaning that you can use this item and knock out the challenge
  • Morton drivers should note that he can Frenzy on the Kalimari Desert track, which also makes him a veritable choice for accomplishing this 

We would note that if you’re someone who prefers to take the scenic route, the challenge doesn’t actually require you to use a Giant Banana three times in one race. If you’re wanting to spend some beloved time for Morton or Mr Kong then you’re well within your rights to do so and you’ll still be able to complete the challenge without going so fast that you ruin the mood. 

Now that you’ve got our Mario Kart Tour Giant Banana guide to hand, polishing this challenge off about using it should be a piece of cake. If you need any assistance with the Tokyo Tour in general, check out our tips and tricks to scoring 6,000 points or higher with a Koopaling driver.

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