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Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush Guide

by Ginny Woo

There’s a whole ton to do in Mario Kart Tour even though the game’s only just been released, ranging from just running the circuits to actually taking part in the Ranked mode that’s there. However, getting good at the game is just one part of it. If you’re wanting to make the most of the cool karts and the characters, you’re going to need some gold coins. Want to earn them fast? Our Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush guide will help you activate this mechanic so you can get some extra cash as you’re driving around.

Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush Guide: How to Activate, Rewards

Let’s get one thing straight: this isn’t just something that you activate when you’re going around one of the circuits. Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush is actually a whole other special mode in the game where you have a certain amount of time to clean up a course of coins. If you want to start it, you can do so by navigating to the interface about adding gold coins. 

To play Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush, you’re going to need rubies. You can get rubies from leveling up, hitting various game milestones, or by getting them with real money. If you spend more rubies, you’ll be able to multiply the gold coin gains that you can get from playing Coin Rush:

  • Spending 5 rubies will multiply the coins gained by 2
  • Spending 15 rubies will multiply the coins gained by 6
  • Spending 25 rubies will multiply the coins gained by 10

Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush Guide: Tips for Playing Coin Rush

Once you’ve chosen the number of rubies to expend on this adventure, depending on how much money you wanna rake in at the end, you’ll kick into Coin Rush proper. The circuit that you play this mode on is the New York course, and your job is to basically run into as many gold coins as you can when you’re looping around it. You don’t have to make direct contact for them to count, but you do have to be very close to them. We’ve got a tip for you here: don’t strafe back and forth across the map to try and directly pick up the coins. Drift a little bit but stay in the middle and just maneuver slightly from side to side so you’re actually getting the best of coins on both ends of the course and not risking out on one side because you’ve moved too far to the other side in the interests of taking a corner. Keep level-headed while you’re steering and things should work out fine.

Now that you’ve got our Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush guide in hand, making the most of this particular mode while you can afford to can mean that you make some incredibly huge gains as long as you’re not hooning around the track like a maniac. Need a hand on how to get to Tier 5 in the game? We have a guide for that too.

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