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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Shine Thief Mode Tips

by Prima Games Staff

If you recently picked up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you might be wondering what the Shine Thief mode consists of. This article covers Mario Kart 8 Shine Thief mode tips so you can get the edge on your friends. If you’ve played previous Mario Kart games you may already be familiar with some of the concepts, but things are a little different in Shine Thief mode, so let’s take a closer look.

While it looks similar to Shine Runner from Mario Kart DS, this Battle Mode game is actually quite different. There is only one Shine on the map and the objective is to hold the Shine for a total of 20 seconds. Fortunately, you do not have to hold it for 20 seconds in one straight go cause that would be incredibly difficult. The mode premise is rather simple but it is actually very hard, and it lasts a lot longer than you expect. So here are some helpful tips to keep you Shining longer.

Learn the Map

The easiest thing to say about Shine Thief is to just avoid the other Kart racers. But since there is a total of 12 racers on a small Battle Mode Map that is a lot easier said than done. However these maps are filled with small paths that can help cut off and funnel other racers. So learn the maps and look for routes that will keep you from being overwhelmed. Also always keep an eye on your mini-map so you know where the other racers are.

A Good Defense

Simply just driving around with the Shine isn’t going to get you the win. You are going to need to protect yourself. You are going to have to be smart with your item use. When you are holding the Shine your speed is reduced considerably so use mushrooms to help create distance between you and you assailants. Ideally the best defense are the three bananas or shells items since they orbit around you and create an excellent shield. The Feather is also a great item if you can use it properly. Use it to jump and evade any incoming attacks, though it will take some perfect timing to pull off.

On the Attack

The other tips are fine and dandy when you actually have the Shine, but you will be spending most of the time trying to get the Shine from the other racers. So if you want the Shine you are going to have to take it by force. All of your standard offensive items work rather well in Shine Thief, take aim and use your shells wisely, unload with the fireflower, or use bob-ombs to create some mayhem.

Mushrooms and the Feather are also excellent items to steal the Shine. They work very similar to how they work in Balloon Battle. Use the Feather to hop over the Shine holder or boost into them using the Shroom. The best part about the Mushrooms and Feather is that they will actually steal the Shine. Normal attacks will knock the shine out of the possession of the holder and then you must race to try and claim it. But if you use the mushrooms or feather it will go directly into your possession.