In Magikarp Jump players take on a role of a young Pokemon trainer who must catch, raise, and compete alongside their Magikarp to become to best jumper in eight different leagues. In this article we’ll go over some helpful Magikarp Jump tips and tricks to help you get a grasp on the game and get started on your journey to becoming the best Magikarp trainer in the world!

On the surface, Magikarp Jump may look like a very simplistic game. But, there are a few tricky systems that fans will need to master if they want to become the best at the game. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered with these tips and tricks to help you master Magikarp Jump.

Build Up Your JP

Jump Power, or JP as Magikarp Jump labels it, is the stat that players will need to pay attention to in Magikarp Jump. Basically, the amount of JP that your Magikarp has determines how high it can jump. Since the main goal of the game is to jump high, you’ll want to focus on building this JP up by feeding your Magikarp, completing random events, and training. You can also check out our guide on how to raise JP fast in Magikarp Jump for additional help on the matter.

Get Support Pokemon

Magikarp isn’t the only Pokemon that makes an appearance in Magikarp Jump. In fact, early on in the game you’ll acquire another well-known Pokemon, Pikachu, which will introduce you to Support Pokemon. After a certain amount of time, these special Pokemon can help your Magikarp grow, by giving them more JP. You can build up your Support Pokemon by earning Friendship Items, which are obtained by winning leagues or by purchasing them from the Diamond Shop.

Know Your Currency

Like many other free to play games, Magikarp Jump offers quite a few different currencies for players to get used to. The first, and most basic currency, are Coins. These easy to obtain items are mostly used for purchasing new foods and training types. They’re usually awarded for taking part in jump battles (you get them when you win or lose) as well as for completing achievements, which are listed in the Menu.

Diamonds are a much harder to obtain item, and they’ll be used to specialty items like Decorations. While you can get Diamonds through normal gameplay, the best way to get them is to simply purchase them from the in-game store.

Support Candies are the final piece of currency you’ll need to be accustomed to. These items are most often awarded by winning leagues, like the Quick League, and they can be used to increase your Support Pokemon’s rank, allowing them to help your Magikarp out more.

For more help in Magikarp Jump, be sure to check out our guide on how to name your Magikarp, and be sure to check back often for updated guides to help you master the jump and become a jumping champion in the latest mobile game from The Pokemon Company.