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Magikarp Jump – How to Raise Magikarp’s Max Level, Event 32

by Josh Hawkins

Increasing your Magikarp’s Max Level is pretty easy, as you are guaranteed to increase the max level of the Magikarp’s you catch as you retire old Magikarps and rank up. But, if you want to keep one Magikarp going, you only have one way to increase that Max Level in Magikarp Jump, which is Event 32. This event can actually be triggered using a specific set of instructions, which we will outline in this article. Keep reading to find out how to trigger Event 32 and raise your Magikarp’s Max Level with the Be Gone event!

How to Trigger Be Gone

The Be Gone event sees you and your Magikarp come face to face with a familiar looking girl that appears to have stepped right out of the well-known Ring movie series. Triggering this event can be tricky, but if you follow the instructions outlined below, you shouldn’t have too many problems getting the event started and claiming an additional Max Level for your prized Magikarp.

First things first, load up the game and head to your Pond. Now, scroll up and locate the TV set on the left-hand side of the screen. Normally you can tap on this screen to be taken out of the game to listen to cute Pokemon songs like The Magikarp Song. For now, though, we’re going to use it to trigger Event 32, Be Gone!

Start tapping on the old TV set, and exit the menu that it brings up to return to the pond. Keep doing this (tapping the TV, then exiting the menu) until the screen on the TV cuts to static, like an old VHS rewinding or having issues. Seem familiar?

Now, continue tapping on the TV (remember to close out the menu and not to leave the game to listen to cute Pokemon songs), until the static vanishes once more, and the screen is dead.

At this point you should look down at the bottom of your screen and head off to train your Magikarp. It doesn’t matter what kind of training you complete, as all you need to do is complete the training so that a random event will be triggered. If you completed all of the above steps correctly, you should get the Be Gone! event, which is Event 32 in the Event Dex.

During the event, the little creepy girl from the Ring movie series will appear and try to scare you away. You can choose to stay or leave. Staying will only repeat the message again, so go ahead and leave. Leaving will cause Magikarp’s Max Level to go up by 1, giving you an extra bit of wiggle room for more JP. Now that you know how to increase your Magikarp’s Max Level, check out our Magikarp Jump tips and tricks, as well as our guide on all support Pokemon and Friendship items in Magikarp Jump.o Raise Magikarp’w

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