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Magikarp Jump – How to Get More Diamonds

by Josh Hawkins

Diamonds are one of the more important currencies in Magikarp Jump, as they allow you to purchase coins and unlock new decorations for your Magikarp’s pond. In this article we’ll show you the best ways to get more Diamonds in Magikarp Jump, which will let you buy even more decorations and items for your Magikarp!

How to Get Diamonds

Diamonds, as mentioned above, are really important if you want to purchase coins or unlock new decorations for your pond. There are a number of ways to obtain these items, though most of them may take you a while to complete.

The easiest way to obtain more Diamonds is to complete achievements. There are various rewards available for completing achievements, but many of the achievements currently available in the new Pokemon game will reward you with a nice amount of Diamonds for your troubles. Granted, a nice amount comes up to around 10-20 Diamonds, but that’s still not bad when you consider how easy some of the achievements are to hit.

Another easy way to get Diamonds is to complete various events. As you complete different league matches, you can earn various rewards. Sometimes these rewards are Diamonds, other times they are items like Training Soda and even sometimes Decorations. Keep leveling up your Magikarp, and continue working your way up through the various leagues to unlock even more Diamonds.

Finally, the final way to get Diamonds is to simply purchase them. While this is the easiest way, it does cost real money, and many players may not be willing to part with their hard earned wages for a few sacks of Diamonds. That’s fine, and you can absolutely earn enough Diamonds for anything in the game by simply playing it and completing events and earning achievements. But, if you really want to get ahead of the curve, then the best way to do that is to purchase some Diamonds for yourself to help you get started.

These are the best ways to go about getting Diamonds, though it should be mentioned that we have received them from some of the random events that happen in the game, so those are always an option as well. But, since you can’t really control those, you’re left to the realm of RNG to get them from random events.

Now that you know how to get Diamonds, take a look at our guide on how to level up fast in Magikarp Jump. You should also be sure to check out our in-depth tips and tricks for Magikarp Jump, where we lay out several tips to help you get started strong in the new mobile Pokemon game.

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