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Magikarp Jump – How to Catch a Dratini, Event 34

by Josh Hawkins

Magikarp Jump is chock full of little easter eggs and events that players can witness and add to their Event Dex. One of the coolest easter eggs we’ve come across is the ability to fish up a Dratini, which is Event 32 in your Event Dex in Magikarp Jump. Today we’ll show you how to fish up the Dratini in Magikarp Jump, and score yourself Event 34. Just beware, it’s going to cost you quite a bit.

How to Catch Dratini

Fishing up Dratini is really simple, and you can accomplish this event at any point in the game. But, in order to do this, you’re going to need to throw back quite a few Magikarps and recast your line—you’ll have to recast 5 times to be exact—which does get a little pricey.

If you haven’t thrown back a Magikarp quite yet, then you probably don’t know how to recast system works. See, if you catch a Magikarp that you’re not happy with, you’re given the option to throw it back and recast your line for a chance to catch a better Pokemon.

The first time you do this, it will only cost you 10 Diamonds. Not bad, right? Well, that’s where things get hairy. After the first recast, each additional recast will cost you 50 Diamonds a piece, which can rack up pretty quickly, and since you have to recast your line up to 5 times to catch Dratini, that means you’re going to need to spend 210 Diamonds just to log this event.

Now, our guide on how to get more Diamonds can definitely help you out here, as it will show you every way to earn more Diamonds in Magikarp Jump. But, 210 Diamonds is quite an expense to put out, especially considering the event only nets you the Dex entry, a single Skill Restore, and a brief look at one of our favorite Pokemon. Is it really worth it, though?

To be honest, we’d hold off on catching a Dratini until after you’ve managed to pick up at least one of the Support Pokemon available in the Diamond store. You can learn more about Support Pokemon by checking out our guide on how to get all Support Pokemon and Friendship items. The investment yields a greater return in our strategic opinion, and you’d definitely be remiss not to use those Diamonds to build up your future Magikarps.

We understand, though, that sometimes you’ve just got to do what needs to be done, and we won’t blame anyone for barreling through their Diamonds for a brief look at Dratini, after all, it’s still one of the cutest Pokemon around.

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