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Magikarp Jump – All Events and How to Trigger Them

by Josh Hawkins

Events can be a very helpful thing in Magikarp Jump, or if you aren’t careful, they can easily hurt your Magikarp’s JP and make it harder for you to win more League matches. In this article we’ll go over all of the Magikarp Jump Events currently available in the game. We’ll also discuss how to unlock all Magikarp events, and how to trigger them in normal gameplay.

We’ve broken down the information about events into an easy to follow table down below, so take a look to see how to unlock each event, as well as how to trigger it.

Event Number

Event Name


How/When Event is Triggered


Old Rod

Magikarp finds a piece of fruit under the water. Decide whether or not to approach or ignore it.

Unlocked after beating Fast League



You receive a nugget from a stranger. You sell the nugget for Coins. Amount of coins scales to your level.

After completing training or League Matches


Is it Treasure?

Magikarp finds a Poke Ball in the road. It could hold Coins, Items, or even a Voltorb.

After training, no known requirements


Our Eyes Met

A strange man appears and asks you to look into his eyes. Looking into them triggers a battle where you can win a Support Candy.

Finish Heal League (version 1.1+) or after completing training


Out of Nowhere…

Find a tree with berries on it. Have Magikarp jump for the berries or ignore them. Chance for Magikarp to be taken away by Pidgeotto.

After training, no known requirements


Idol Riches

Mayor gives you compliments, rewards you with a Training Soda.

After finishing Heavy League or training


Massage a Karp

Mayor appears and gives you words of encouragement. Receive reward of Jump Power or Free Training Attempt.

After training or finishing League matches, no known requirements


Everyone’s Hero

Fan gives you and Magikarp encouragement. Receive Jump Power or Free Training.

After training or finishing League matches, no known requirements


Roddy Tackle

Roddy offers encouragement. Gives you Coins.

After League matches, no known requirements


Unsinkable Magikarp

A fan gives encouragement after you lose. Gain Jump Power or Free Training.

After losing League matches, no known requirements


Go, Magikarp, Go!

Mr. Yoso brings a message from a fan and gives you Coins.

After completing a League match, no known requirements


All That Glitters

Magikarp finds something sparkly in the water. Inspect or leave it?

After completing training, no known requirements


Jumping Lesson

You’re approached about a special jump course. Decline or enter at your own risk.

Complete Fast League and after finishing some League matches


Mystery Drink

Scientist approaches you with a new drink for your Magikarp. Decline or drink it.

Finish Great League or complete other League matches


Magikarp Adrift

Magikarp has jumped too far from you, and must be found. Choose to have it look for you or wait.

After training or completing League matches


Snoozing with Snorlax

Snorlax is blocking the path, and Magikarp goes to sleep on its stomach, netting you full Training Points.

Finish Quick League while having Pikachua as Support Pokemon. Also triggered after completing League matches and training


Tag Battle

A Pidgeotto attacks your Magikarp, but Pikachu steps in to assist.

Finish the Friend League with Pikachu as support. Also triggered after training and League matches


Showing off Magikarp

Show off Magikarp to a fan.

After League matches and finishing the Luxury League


Sage Advice

Another Magikarp shows up to bestow advice on your Magikarp.

After League matches and after finishing the Great League


Trade for Gyrados

Scientist approaches offering to give you a Gyrados for your Magikarp. Auto declined.

After training and beating the Luxury League


Lost Luvdisc

A Luvdisc appears, and asks for assistance. Grants you Diamonds

Beat Fast league, triggers after training


Easygoing Slowpoke

After losing a League match and then going to training, Slowpoke appears and grants you a LP Restore.

Beat Heavy League and have Slowpoke as Support Pokemon. Triggers after training


Watch and Learn

After training an NPC will approach and commend you on your training. Grants a free training sessions.

Beat Fast League, triggers after training


Slacker Magikarp

Magikarp doesn’t feel like training. Scold it or don’t scold it. Both give the possibility of extra JP.

Triggered after training, no known requirements


Macho Karp

A scientist offers you a chance to up your Magikarp’s max level with an experiment. Saying no grants JP. Saying yes grants the possibility of gaining one max level for your Magikarp, but the Magikarp can also evolve into Gyrados during the experiment.

Beat Great League, triggered after League matches


Fan Mail

A fan sends you a letter, grants you a League Spray.

Beat Great League, triggered after training


A Challenge

Your next opponent sends you a letter, grants you JP.

Beat Great League, triggered after training


Many Wise Words

Mayor Karp appears and gives you a great speech about Magikarp.

Beat the Great League


Research Money

After you have collected several patterns, Mayor Karp will approach you after a successful League match and offer you coins for raising all of the different Magikarp variations.

Beat Heal League, triggered after winning League matches


Is it Feebas?

Sometimes Feebas will swim into your Magikarp pond. Tap on it to gain Jump Power.

Triggered in the pond, no known requirements


Food Fever

Sometimes Manaphy will swim through the pond, and you can tap on it to cause a FOOD FRENZY, which causes several different Pokemon to swim into the pond and drop off a ton of food for your Magikarp.

Triggered in the pond, no known requirements


Be Gone!

If you click the television a certain amount of times, and then go to training, an event will spawn, allowing you a chance to gain 1 level to Magikarp’s max level. To learn more check out our guide on how to trigger Be Gone!

Triggered in pond, no known requirements.


Hop, Skip, Whump!

Continue to tap Magikarp and have it jump out of the pond and a Pidgeotto will swoop in and carry it away. Goodbye Magikarp!

Triggered in the pond, no known requirements


You’re No Magikarp!

Triggered by throwing your Magikarp back several times. For more details be sure to check out our full guide on how to get a Dratini

No known requirements, triggered when trying to catch a new Magikarp


You Can do it!

After losing three times in a row, a man appears and offers encouragement and 3 LP Restores.

No known requirements, triggered after losing 3 League matches in a row


Adios, Gyrados!

Tap your Magikarp until it’s Everstone breaks, and then level it up to evolve into Gyrados. Learn more in how guide on how to evolve Magikarp into Gyrados!

No known requirements, triggered when reaching level 20 after breaking Magikarp’s Everstone

That’s all of the events currently included in Magikarp Jump. We’ll be sure to update this guide with any additional events as they are added to the game in the future! For now, be sure to check out our Magikarp Jump tips and tricks, as well as our guide on how to get the best Magikarp

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