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Mafia 3 – How to Wiretap and use Junction Boxes

by Prima Games Staff

Junction Boxes play an important role in Mafia 3’s world. As you make your way through the city of New Bordeaux, you’ll have a lot of chances to either kill or recruit certain racket bosses. Whether you can recruit them or not depends entirely on how much you know about them. Knowledge about each racket boss, and their personal lives, can be learned through Wiretapping Junction Boxes that are located throughout the city. In this article we will talk about Wiretapping Junction Boxes in Mafia 3, explain the benefits, and walk you through the entire process.

What is Wiretapping?

Wiretapping is basically like spying on your enemies. It allows you to listen in our their phone conversations, meetings, and other events. Of course, you never actually hear much more than a snippet of the recording, but it still allows you to be able to do many things you couldn’t do otherwise, like recruit racket bosses into your organization. This allows your underbosses to make more money off the rackets in that district, which in turn means you’ll have more Kickback coming through to your pocket.

Why Should I Wiretap?

Wiretapping plays two very important parts in Mafia 3. The first part, is that when an entire district is Wiretapped, you will be able to recruit the racket bosses that you encounter through the story missions. This allows you to cripple Marcano’s business, while also allowing your underbosses in that district to make more money off each racket. The second part that Wiretapping plays, is it causes all the collectible items, including Playboy magazines, Vargas Paintings, and even Fuses to appear on the map, so that you can find them more easily.

How do I Wiretap?

The final step to making the most of each Junction Box in the city is to understand how to utilize them. You can Wiretap a Junction Box by locating it on your map, and then heading to it. Junction Boxes appear as a grey upside down horseshoe icon on the map, whereas Fuses, which are needed to Wiretap a box, appear as yellow upside down horseshoes on the map. You’ll need three Fuses for every Wiretap, so be sure to pick them up whenever you can.

Once you have located and made your way to a Junction Box, walk up to it and interact with it by pressing the interaction button (X or Square). Then you’ll need to play the lock jimmy minigame. Lineup the marker until it turns green, and then press the interaction button again. This will pop the box open and Lincoln will set the Wiretap up, allowing you to hear a small snipper of your enemies chattering about things.

Now that you know how to Wiretap, be sure to head back to our Mafia 3 walkthrough and guide for more in-depth information on how to find all the collectibles in New Bordeaux.

Since you know how to Wiretap, and what its benefits are, it’s time to get back out on the streets of New Bordeaux and conquer your enemies. Remember to pick up Fuses whenever you see them, and always Wiretap those Junction Boxes to learn the most about your enemies. It will also make finding collectibles a whole lot easier. If you followed this guide you should now know how to Wiretap, what it entails, and what its benefits are for Lincoln Clay in Mafia 3.

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