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Mafia 3 – How to Change Lincoln’s Clothes

by Prima Games Staff

Open world games are pretty well known for giving players plenty of options and ways to change how their characters look. Most notable examples of this system are Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, and Grand Theft Auto 5. But, what about those players who want to chance how Lincoln Clay looks in Mafia 3? You can find out more about how to change Lincoln’s clothes by reading below.

How to Change Clothes in Mafia 3

Sadly, the only option players have for changing Lincoln’s clothes is to simply play the game. There is not currently a system in place that allows you to customize Lincoln’s look or appearance in any shape form or fashion. The only way to unlock and use different outfits is the complete story missions, some of which will have Lincoln walking around in different outfits. The good news is, though, this system is coming. In a big post made to the official Mafia 3 site back in September, the developers, Hangar 13, said that a clothing customization system will be coming to New Bordeaux. This means players have fashion options to look forward to.

How to Prepare for the New Clothing System

While we don’t have many details or information about the clothing system coming in a future DLC, we’ve put together a few ways to make sure you’re ready for the system when it does come into play. Check out the tips we’ve posted below to make sure you have Lincoln ready to show off the coolest coats, pants, and other fashion pieces when the time comes.

  • Save up your money and keep it safe. Collect Kickback from your underbosses and store it in your safe. Remember that any money you have in your wallet will be halved when Lincoln dies. 
  • Complete side quest and main story missions. We’re sure at least a few pieces of clothing will be attached to certain mission requirements, so go ahead and finish as many as you can before the clothing DLC drops in the future.
  • Collect all those magazines and posters! There is a total of 161 collectibles hidden throughout the city of New Bordeaux. These include items like Playboy magazines, Repent magazines, Vargas paintings, and even Hot Rod magazines. Make sure you collect them all, just in case any outfits are tied to them.

That’s all we know about the clothing system that’s going to make its way to Mafia 3. Sadly, there isn’t any particular way to customize your character in the game right at this moment. We’ll be sure to update this guide with new information when it is available, though. If you followed the information above, you should now understand the options you have for player customization, including how to change Lincoln’s clothes in Mafia 3.

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