Madden NFL 24: What is the NFL+ Edition?

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how to get the new Madden 24 NLF+ edition
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There’s another edition of Madden NFL 24 and it offers more than just what’s in the game. In fact, it’s something for the avid gamer and supporter who eats, sleeps, and breathes football. In this guide, I’ll be discussing what the NFL+ Edition is and how to get it before it becomes unavailable, as it is only available for a limited time. Let’s get into the NFL+ Edition and what EA has to offer players late to the party.

What is the Madden NFL 24 NFL+ Edition?

The Madden NFL 24 NFL+ Edition is a package that includes a copy of Madden 24, an NFL+ Premium subscription, and some exclusive MUT items for a limited time. The following is the full package.

All Included in the Madden NFL 24 NFL+ Edition

  • Madden NFL 24 Standard Edition,
  • Madden Ultimate Team Pack (one per month for three months), and
  • Three Months of NFL+ Premium Subscription

How to Purchase Madden 24 NFL+ Edition

To purchase the Madden 24 NFL+ Edition, players must visit the EA Madden website. On the website, look for the Buy Now tab under all the text as displayed in the image above. Click on the tab and wait for the next page to open. The next page will be where players will have to select their preferred console. Choose your console of choice and wait for a new page to open.

The next page will have the three different editions of Madden NFL 24. You’ll need to select the first option on the left to purchase the NFL+ Edition. Once you’ve clicked on the first open, you’ll be directed to the store of your respective console and continue with the process to purchase Madden NFL 24 and all the add-ons in this deal.

Can All Players Purchase the Madden 24 NFL+ Edition?

No, not all players across the globe are entitled to purchase the Madden 24 NFL+ Edition. Only players based in America can purchase this deal. Additionally, the deal will come to an end soon, on October 10.

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