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Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team Tips and Strategies

by Prima Games Staff

For the past few years, the Ultimate Team feature has been a standout in the Madden NFL games, giving players the opportunity to build teams with their favorite players, even if it means making a few dynamic trades to get the ideal superstar. 

Madden NFL 16 is no exception, as a number of new features make the Ultimate Team even better, with new packs to unlock, a slew of legends to add to your collection and of course, the ultimate bragging rights when you lead your team to victory. 

Here are some tips to help get you started creating the Ultimate Team! 

Welcome to Madden Ultimate Team Rewards

Along with earning cards by completing accomplishments in game (like completing Solo Challenges, winning Draft Champions Games and more), you can also earn new packs by registering with Madden Ultimate Team Rewards, a program that enables you to earn even more cards for your deck. (You can sign up at MUT Rewards) As you earn packs, you’ll add additional rewards. Opening 50 packs, for instance, will get you a Pro Pack; 250 packs opened will unlock an All-Pro pack; and getting to the cherished 1,000 packs opened will earn you Legendary status. 

Through this program, you’ll earn Loyalty Badges as well, which can be redeemed in the Ultimate Team mode for packs, as well as layer items and contracts that you can add to your collection, bolstering your overall team statistics and making you even better than before.

It’s free to register, so head over and give it a look. 

Make Your Purchases Carefully

Putting unwanted cards up for bid in the Auction House is a great way to boost your coin count so you can buy the players you want. However, if you’re bidding on someone, it never hurts to get an idea of what you’re in for. 

If there’s a draft pick who looks like he’ll boost team stats (Jameis Winston, for example), make sure you check all his numbers before placing a bid. More than likely he’ll be a hot commodity anyway, but chances are you might find a better deal by shopping around. Case in point: a few avid Madden Ultimate Team players recently pointed out a few sleepers that are exceptional bargains for the game, including the Baltimore Ravens’ Daryl Smith and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

It helps to keep your eye on values. Before you go for that must-have card, shop around and see what other deals are available. Who knows, you might build a killer hand, and down the road, have a hot player who will enable you to get the card you originally wanted for much cheaper. For example, we snagged Brandon Marshall for about half the price of what Von Miller goes for on the Broncos squad, and his numbers are equally impressive.

Stack up on Legends

Current players are wonderful to have on your squad, but don’t count out the NFL Legends. There’s a reason these guys achieved this status: they produced some killer numbers during their time in the league. 

For instance, Bo Jackson – yeah, that “Bo knows” guy – has pretty impressive stats from the Raiders, and slotting him into the QB position can make a difference for the team, provided the receivers are on point – we did mention how challenging they can be.

The thing about Legends is that sometimes they’re only available for purchase for a limited amount of time, like a 24-hour span. It never hurts to check the store to see who’s available, and depending how much time is left to purchase them, mulling over what they would do for your team. Worse case scenario, you can always offer this player up for bid. 

Be sure to give the Legends their due. Some may not exactly be the player you’re looking for at first (like those who may never have heard of Night Train Lane), but they can make all the difference in getting into the end zone. 

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment 

Finally, when it comes to seeing what your Ultimate Team can do, experimentation is key. If a quarterback isn’t exactly getting the job done, feel free to swap him out and give someone else a chance, like the aforementioned Drew Brees or Bo Jackson. The goal is to find a team that fits into your balanced style of play, whether you prefer to play the long ball with passing, or do damage on the ground with the running game. 

Try the cards you’re dealt with at first and then make adjustments. It’s a great way to see what Madden Ultimate Team is all about, and you’ll soon learn why it’s such an avid feature, with hardcore players making bids for their favorites and underdogs finding a proper spot in a squad, helping get points on the board. 

Madden NFL 16 is available now. Want more football goodness? Check out our top five favorite teams in the game, as well as our offensive strategy tips.

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