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Lockie’s Lighthouse Fortnite Location Guide

by Ginny Woo

Those wanting to knock out the recent spate of dance challenges in Fortnite‘s Forged in Slurp tasks are in luck! We’ve been in the same boat here at Prima Games, and we’ve been combing the map so that we can find all the places that you’re going to have to tap your heels together this week. Here’s what we know about the Lockie’s Lighthouse Fortnite location and where you’ll want to dance.

Lockie’s Lighthouse Fortnite Location Guide

Having to dance at Lockie’s Lighthouse is just part and parcel of this week’s Forged in Slurp challenge. Chapter 2 has been packed full of stuff for us to do in Fortnite, and this has extended to a veritable treasure hunt of places to show off your fanciest moves in. You have to dance at three different places as part of the week’s challenge:

  • Dance by the Compact Cars
  • Dance by the Weather Station
  • Dance by Lockie’s Lighthouse

If you need a hand finding out where the Weather Station and the Compact Cars are, they’re actually in the south-east and the eastern corners of the map respectively. However, we’ve also got a guide for the exact location of the junkyard where the cars are, and one for the mountain that the Station is on – we’re considerate like that. 

Now, on to the main course; figuring out the Lockie’s Lighthouse Fortnite location. This one is probably the easiest of the lot, if we’re being honest. To find Lockie’s Lighthouse, well, just look for the huge fixture on the map. There’s absolutely no way that you can miss it, but if you absolutely insist that you need people waving lightsticks at you to point you to the location, here’s our best bet: it’ll be on the north-west part of the map on a little lighthouse island. You’ll see it shooting beams of light out at all hours, so get up close and cosy to the structure and dance to tick that off your challenge list. 

Now that you’ve figured out the Lockie’s Lighthouse Fortnite location, and you’ve got our guides on where the other places you have to throw it down at are, you should be able to knock out the week’s Forged in Slurp challenge easily enough. Need a hand with something else? We have a guide on how to get the Mythic Fish.

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