Link’s Awakening ‘Oh, What A Weird Object’ Guide

Sick of running into rocks and seeing the Link's Awakening 'Oh, what a weird object' message? We'll tell you what item you need to get around that.
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If you’ve been hooning around the overworld in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, or just finding some rather impassable crystals kicking around in dungeons, then you’ll be familiar with the “Oh? What a weird object” pop-up text. While Link’s Awakening is pretty great at telling you when you’re one stick short of a solution, it’s not that great at giving you said solution. Well, that’s why we’re here. Our Link’s Awakening ‘Oh, What A Weird Object’ guide will tell you how to get past these obstacles. 

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Link’s Awakening ‘Oh, What A Weird Object Guide’

So, here’s some good news and bad news. Bad news: it’s not just a matter of getting far enough in the game and getting “strong” enough to bust through these impassable rocks. Good news: you can get an item that helps you essentially turn them into non-issues. You’re going to need a trusty set of Pegasus Boots.

How do you get them in Link’s Awakening? They’re basically handed to you as part of actually progressing through the game. You’ll encounter them in the third dungeon in the Ukuku Prairie, and owing to the linear nature of the game, the Power Bracelet from the second dungeon will be instrumental in you actually nabbing these Boots; they’re trapped behind some big rocks which you can only pick up with the Bracelet’s help.

Why are these Pegasus Boots so good? Well, when you’ve got them on your feet, you gain the ability to dash. Essentially, you’re going to be running so damn fast that you turn anything that’s in your way into dust. Once you slap these bad boys on your feet, say goodbye to the Link’s Awakening ‘Oh, What A Weird Object’ message scrolling across your screen; you’ll handily destroy every previously-immovable structure in your path that ever greeted you with that cursed phrase. Now that you know what you need, traversing future dungeons should be easy as pie. Need a hand with something else in Link’s Awakening? Check out our guide on the Wind Fish Egg Maze.

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