Lies of P: How to Do a Perfect Guard

Timing is the key to a Perfect Guard.

Perfect Guard is a skill move in Lies of P that allows you to block the enemy’s attacks without receiving any damage. It is similar to the Parry skill in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice and as important as it is in that game. You will need to learn this skill before you face the first Mini-Boss and Main Boss in the game. To learn how to perform a Perfect Guard in Lies of P, follow this guide.

How to Perform a Perfect Guard in Lies of P

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To perform a Perfect Guard in Lies of P, you need to block just before the enemy attack hits. You will be able to tell when a Perfect Guard is performed when red sparks come out of your weapon after you block. When executed successfully, you will not receive any damage from the enemy. Also, there is a chance to destroy the enemy’s weapon or put them in a Staggerable state if you perform multiple Perfect Guards on them.

However, it can be difficult to perform Perfect Guard on all enemies. To master this skill in combat, you first need to get used to enemies’ attacks. Each enemy has its own set of attack moves that they perform in combat. You need to learn their attack patterns and get your timings right.

Screenshot by Prima Games

It will take you some time to master this skill. You can also practice this skill on Puppets roaming the streets. Or if you are not ready for that, you can practice it against Training Dummy. You will find the first Training Dummy before the Parade Master Boss Fight. Practice your timings there and then head into battle against the first boss of the game.

At the end of the day, it all comes to timing your blocks. Master the timings, and you will be able to perform Perfect Guard every time. Check out more Lies of P guides on our website like Is Lies of P Hard? – Difficulty Explained or How to Enable DSR in Lies of P.

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