LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has over 150 characters which you can collect. Each has their own abilities which can come in handy in solving puzzles and getting past challenges. However, with all of these characters, which should you focus on collecting as soon as possible? Here are the top 5 characters you need to unlock as soon as you can. Then you can go back through some of the missions in Free Play mode to collect the minikits or rescue Stan Lee in Perils since you did not have the correct characters for Story mode.


Sandman is one of the villains you have to defeat during the very first Story mode mission. While he may not seem that special, he does have a unique ability that comes in handy during Free Play for both the main and hub missions. He can use sandpits to change his shape or get into areas no other characters can (except for the Sandman Goon). To add this villain to your collection, complete the Sand Central Station mission in Story Mode, then purchase him for 175,000 studs.


Wolverine is unlocked as you play through the Story mode missions. However, he has two abilities that are very important. He can use his claws to activate claw switches. Plus he has the ability to dig up dig spots to reveal items or pieces that are necessary to get collectibles. Complete the Rock Up at the Lock Up mission to get Wolverine for your collection.

Jean Grey

There are several times you will need some special abilities to get minikits, save Stan Lee, or obtain other collectibles. Jean Grey can fit the bill whenever you need someone with telekinesis or mind control. Like Wolverine, you get her just by playing through the Story mode missions. Just complete Bifrosty Reception and you can get this character.


There are several collectibles which you must use the Magnetic ability in order to get them. Only a few characters have this ability—and the Master of Magnetism is one of them. In order to get Magneto, you must complete the Magnetic Personality Story mode mission. This gets you the token. Then you need to pay up 150,000 studs to get Magneto for your own uses.


While there are a few characters with the Power Cosmic ability, Galactus is the easiest to get. Just complete The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry Story mode mission to finish the main campaign missions and you will be rewarded with a smaller version of the giant villain.

Using these Characters

Once you get the first three characters in this list, you can actually go through several of the Free Play main and hub missions to get collectibles including Deadpool bricks, gold bricks, and even more character tokens. It is a good idea to get the Deadpool bricks as soon as you can—especially the stud multiplier bricks—so you can begin using them immediately.

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