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LEGO The Hobbit – How to Find Mithril Bricks

by Prima Games Staff

Similar to all LEGO games, you’ll find a wealth of collectible items in LEGO The Hobbit, from basic studs to valuable resources used to craft things. The biggest piece of loot, by far, is a Mithril Brick.  

How do you get Mithril Bricks in LEGO The Hobbit? There are three ways that we know of. 

  • Each level contains 10 Minikits. Finding them all yields one Mithril Brick.
  • In addition, each level has four Treasure Items. Track them down for another Mithril Brick. 
  • Finally, look for all the Schematics in a stage for yet another Mithril Brick, then head to the Blacksmith to forge weapons and armor.

In the days ahead, we’ll do our best to track down all of the items in LEGO The Hobbit. In the meantime, let us know where you found Minikits, Treasure Items and Schematics.

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